Weekly Anime Review

So much sadness this week!

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 16

Marito and Yuki are back… and they almost got themselves killed by a new Martian Kat with gravity control that it uses to create fake tidal waves. Marito made the right call to have a satellite base scan of tidal waves. It ended up being answered by the Deucalion, and Inaho calculated where the ship should shoot taking off the Kat’s arms and allowing Marito to take the count alive. This also resulted in a reunion between Yuki and the kids.

That count has been in the opening sequence since the first episode and he seems like a nice guy, unlike the two new counts from last week, who just want to get rid of Slaine.

Speaking of Slaine, no way he has the brains to do what he did in this episode; that was all the work of Harklight, I’m sure. Slaine just has to pilot the Tharsis. He destroyed Trident base to gain the loyalty of the Martians, so Earth doesn’t have a base in space anymore. I guess this means more space-bound Deucalion soon.

Deucalion Firing down Earth
This episode had some nice shots

Fafner Exodus, Ep 4

The entire episode was based on the new kid pilots’ parents learning that they got selected; the end results were:

  • Lonely fisherwoman losing her only thing.
  • Baker being proud and super sad that his son was selected has a pilot and giving him a katana.
  • A man and woman sending their remaining son to most probably die and really not liking it because they already lost his older sister.

In other words, punches in the gut for everyone. The craziest is how the kids are kind of oblivious to their own fate, or they have very good cognitive dissonance. They are also very Japanese, they didn’t like Canon’s Irish codename for their mechs. They are now classical Japanese deities.

Kaziku wants to fight, despite his Fafner wanting to eat him. Shouji is trying to destroy the Nitch, aka the evil mech, without much success. We also got to see the wall of the dead with so many portraits on it. The first season of Fafner must have been rather depressing.

Death Parade, Ep 4

So Decim can actually influence the game if he wants, well, could because NoName assistant kinda got angry and broke his “judgment tool.”

I’m not sure if I agree with this week’s judgment, I was sure both were going to the Void. This time the two people had no link between each other, beyond “reconstituted family” and even then she was the dumped mother with five children and he was the kid with a step-mother now. They got to play an arcade game that was super snazzy. It was called the Game of Life and the only playable characters were themselves with related attacks.

The lady was so self-centered it was crazy and she probably had an awful personality if all her boyfriends dumped her with all of her kids. Although, the most telling must be that her manager strangled her and that is how she died. She ended up in the Void. I suspect that trying to kill the other player didn’t help her chances.

Video game violence
I think they call this video game violence

The young man was the typical introverted depressed kid who didn’t like his step-mother. He wasn’t even able to call her mother. He committed suicide after losing at a video game. He was all sad when he learned he died and couldn’t talk to his “mother” anymore. He ended up reincarnated.

Next episode seems less centered on the game and more on the people behind the bars. I just hope NoName gets a name.

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