Weekly Anime Review

This week we’ve got death, growing up, and wedding bells? Quite the combo!

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 18

Let’s split this into Earth and Space, and I’ll start with the Earth part.

The Deucalion went on a mission to take down the New Orleans Kataphract. The one that shoots laser beams, he can apparently reach the satellite belt with it. The plan is to send a distraction team under the cover of fire and then have the Deucalion destroys the Kat while he isn’t looking that way. They lost a single dude, improvements! Inaho provided the coordinates with his eye, and it seems to not be as precise as before.

Slaine's duel
Duel, the old-fashion way

On the space side, Slaine had his duel the old-fashioned way. He won too, by cutting the Kat’s entry point and having the count fly in space with no suit. Inaho was watching back on Earth with his super-eye too. By winning, it means that he now owns everything that belongs to the guy. He got a castle and a new Kat, basically. Lemuria, in her disguise, also proclaimed that she and Slaine were going to marry and create a new empire in Earthspace. That’s one OMGWTF! moment; they basically declared war on Mars and Earth at the same time. Ouch.

The other special moment of this episode is right at the end. She opened her eye.

Fafner Exodus, Ep 6

This was quite a good episode with one bossy miss-core. The island core woke up, and she’s all “do this and that and this and that.” Kind of amusing, actually.

The group that went to talk to the Mir with Miwa made it to their destination… and Miwa decided to grow a bit too fast. See, she’s too young to talk to the new Mir coming over.

The island core (she doesn’t have a name yet) asked that the two MCs finally board their mecha that is going to assimilate them. Yeah! They need to go save Miwa now.

Death Parade, Ep 6

We are following Ginti this week with a game of Twister between Mayu and Harada.

Exploding heart shaped clock
Explosive Valentine

The person handling the roulette was Ginti’s cat, and he was bored the whole time. I guess he doesn’t really like his job as Arbiter. His game was also quite cruel toward the end.

Harada is a pop idol who broke up with his girlfriend and she ended up committing suicide. He was totally wrecked over it, but so was the sister of the girl who killed herself. He was murdered by a Valentine bomb… after having sex with the sister. Ouch.

Mayu is a big fan of Harada, the super annoying and genki (joyous) type. She prefers to “kill herself” and pee herself in front of Harada. Let’s say this episode was both sad and hilarious at the same time. She died by soap (she fell when going in the shower).

Now though, neither of them were sent to Haven or the Void… both are fine to be dead. Poor Ginti. I guess something is going wrong with the system. Mayu shows up in the opening sequence, so she is probably staying around for a while, too.

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