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Aldnoah Zero, Ep 19

Slaine believes he was NTRed and decides to really destroy Earth. He’s not the real villain of this show, and it is starting to feel like Buddy Complex, with the princess waking up and having no memory of her time on Earth… unless she is faking, because she does remember.

Nobody but Harklight and the maid knows Seylum woke up. Slaine was even a bastard in what he said to Lemuria so now she thinks she killed her sister and she cried over it. Lemuria really has no friends.

An image from "Aldnoah Zero ep 19" of Landing Castle touching down.
Hello new Landing Castle

Slaine got a bunch of Orbital Knights that swore fealty to him, which means he can now coordinate attacks on Earth. Well, have Harklight coordinate attacks. This results in the Deucalion having to face two Orbital Castles and two Kataphracs at the same time. One is using cloaking technology, which should make for an interesting episode next week.

The worst part is that Darzana warned the higher-ups about this. She’s got good instincts, which mean she is going to get this resolved somehow… right?

Fafner Exodus, Ep 7

I wonder what the catch is for all that new tech.

Miwa grew a wee bit too fast, and in the attack to her room her mother technically died. Well, nobody should have been able to survive that. Miwa used some sort of Festum power to revive her or something.

On the side of the island, I really though Seri was done for. Nope, the new core more or less revived her, repaired her Fafner and gave her a power boost. That’s valid for everyone there. It was an awesome fight though, with the Festum having learned everyone’s movement and abilities and dealing with them properly.

The episode ended with the Sein and Nitch doing a sortie to face the boss of the invaders. They are supposed to fly all the way to where Miwa is though, next episode should be action packed too.

An image of Sein and Nitch from "Fafner Exodus ep 7"
Sein and Nitch

Death Parade, Ep 7

So there are rules to Arbiters:

  1. Can’t quit being an Arbiter.
  2. Can’t die, for that will make them too like humans.
  3. Can’t feel emotions, because they are dummies

Noname got the same dream again and it looks like Nona might have put the book in her “room.” Although, Decim suggest it might have been the previous owner of the Quindecim… called Quin. It kind of stood out among all of the books about alcohol. She got a flash to when she was a kiddo when reading it. She was a cute kiddo.

The rest of the episode had flashbacks. Starting with Decim getting his bar, and it looks like Ginti started at the same time too. Quin was something as well, quite the cheerful one who likes her liquor. Seems like Decim was always a bit weird; his treasures are the dummies used as corpses for the departed, he keeps them “alive” in his bar. Also, looks like Nona didn’t follow rule #3, and implanted him with human emotions.

Looks like Ginti is still stuck with Mayu, and she kind of interferes with his judgment and gets cozy with the cat.

Nona keeps on saying that the arbiters are dummies, but humans souls get there in dummies. I’m wondering if there is a connection.

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