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Gif it to Me, Baby: When You Have to Roll Your Eyes

There are times in life — specifically internet-life — where it’s not worth the effort to get mad at whatever inane thing some jackass has spouted off about.  It’s not worth your anger, and it’s certainly not worth your energy composing a post to tell them off, and it might not even be worth giving them the finger. For those times, all you can do is just roll your eyes.

Our girl Buffy kicks it off.

Buffy eye roll

1054 unicorneyeroll rolling-eyes-gif-2 housewives roll

hunger games eye

This cat understands the internet.

cat eye Rose-Tyler-Annoyed-Eye-Roll-On-Doctor-Who moz eye roll Christina-Applegate-Eye-Roll-Married-With-Children Joseline-Rolls-Eyes

Ru, Joan, and Janene have basically made careers out of the considered “You’re so goddamn dumb” eye roll.

joan eye rupaul shade cable guy eye roll hades eye

And of course, Prince.


monroe eye

lost girl eye roll Bin23 eye roll fiona-eyeroll emily eye

Our First Lady, telling it like it is.

first lady

She’s going to be the next President of the United States. She does not have time for your shit.


And don’t forget. Practice eye rolling in moderation.

liz lemon eye stuck

By [E] Slay Belle

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