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New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time, Episode 4×15: “Enter the Dragon”

Time for this week’s Once Upon a Time recap! What will we see this week?

As we open, Regina is going to Granny’s café to approach the Trifecta of Villainesses. They want to know what she’s up to. Maleficent and the others are cynical about whether or not Regina is a bad girl, and Regina asserts she’s the worst.

Back to Fairytale Land: Regina is pissed about Snow White being a champion rider. Rumpel mocks her about it, and it seems Regina has found Maleficent’s spell book. She is tired of waiting and wants her revenge. Rumpel shows Regina a wasteland Maleficent made in dragon form and reveals that Maleficent laid waste to it as a dragon. One of the trees still burns with dragon fire flame. Regina wants to learn more about Maleficent’s dragonfire, and he sends her to seek Maleficent out. Regina makes nice with her, seeking her help, but Maleficent demands to know what she has learned and commands Regina to light the fireplace. Regina lights it with a weak fire, but Maleficent likes it. Maleficent hasn’t had a proper fire in years since she lost her magic years ago after a battle with King Stefan, when she tried to put a sleeping curse on his wife, Queen Briar Rose. She has been living as a recluse since. She wants Regina to leave and urges her to give up. Maleficent lost her dragon fire, and Regina wants to get it back.

Regina leaves, walking home, but a traveler picks her up to take her to Queen Briar Rose’s daughter Aurora’s, wedding. Regina demands Maleficent leave the house and absorb the magic of the tree on fire properly. King Stefan (Sebastian Roche), meets them there to seize Maleficent. Maleficent and Regina have been taken prisoner, and they both use their magic to free themselves. Maleficent turns into a dragon again and slaughters the lot of them, and Regina is pleased. Maleficent finds Aurora, the king’s daughter who is about to be wed, and casts the sleeping curse on her. It was Regina, all along, who helped cast the spell on Aurora, and to turn Prince Philip, her fiancé, into a beast, so that he would not reach Aurora to break the spell. And with this resolve, she will get her revenge and happiness on Snow White.

Emma is pissed Snow and Charming sent Regina undercover. Regina was supposed to check in an hour ago. Regina is still with the Villainesses’ Club at the railroad and has to prove herself. Cruella has pulled them in front of the railroad track in front of a coming train to play Who Will Be a Hero? Regina panics and saves them, teleporting them away from the track. They still insist on testing Regina. Is this a shitty sorority hazing?

In the library, Belle and Henry are researching the image of the door. Henry needs to figure out where it is. Did Stephen King put it there?

Hook did some recon for Emma and it turns out Regina and the three villainesses trashed the café and pissed Granny off. Snow and Charming are concerned, too, and they find one of the sheriffs’ cars melted. A hungover Regina is there with the car and apologizes for the night’s exploits, but she knows the villainesses trust her.

The trifecta meet with Rumpel, and they tell her how Regina went to them. Rumpel is certain Regina will pick their side in the war he will provoke in Storybrooke.

Maleficent approaches Regina with some aspirin to deal with the hangover. Maleficent wants Regina to join them in their mutual hunt for the author, and Rumpel told them about him. Maleficent knows more than she’s talking about, and Regina listens eagerly.

Regina meets with the “entire Charming softball team, and their pirate mascot (LOL),” to tell them what she knows. The trifecta has plans for that night, and a lead to the author. Emma has Regina’s back.

That night, Regina gets into Cruella’s car for a ride at Maleficent’s urging. Emma watches. The car takes Regina to Gepetto’s house, and they seek out Pinocchio. Regina objects. They plan to abduct Pinocchio so they can question (cough, torture) him properly. Gepetto and Pinocchio are at work, and they let Regina in, but she abducts the real boy. Emma meets with Regina and is like, WTF, but Regina assures her she will watch over Pinocchio. Emma says her super power has been going haywire since the trifecta arrived in town. Poor Emma.

Belle and Scarlett are getting dessert together, and Hook interrupts them to tell her what the trifecta plus Rumpel are all about. Hook wants Belle to hide the Dark One’s dagger again, and he volunteers to do it. Belle is about the give the dagger to Hook for safekeeping, despite her hesitation, but she decides to call Rumpel to her to do her will. Rumpel doesn’t appear, and Belle leaves. Only it seems Hook was Rumpel in disguise. Rumpel, in disguise as Hook, gets Belle to swear a pirates’ oath when it comes to the concealment of the dagger. Belle tells Killian that will always love Rumpel, but she likes Will, for now.

Emma is watching the GPS on Regina’s phone and finds Regina not there. Regina is with the trifecta. OMG. The trifecta take Regina to Rumpel’s cabin, where he has been hiding out,and Regina deduces that they didn’t get their magic on their own, but from Rumpel, only for Rumpel to show up, and for all villainesses to take their first steps to a happy ending. Rumpel asks Regina if she has gone soft, but she insists she hasn’t. Rumpel turns Pinocchio back into August, who can show the villainesses how to torture August into revealing the secrets to the happy endings.

And that’s it for this week!

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