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Here are some of the events and stories that have happened over the past week. [Trigger warnings for rape and violence.]


The current upheaval in Yemen has prompted the Indian government to order the evacuation of their citizens stranded there.

Despite the promises he made during his election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has halted his plan to offer universal healthcare for India’s 1.2 billion citizens. The estimated cost of the plan came out to $18.5 billion over five years. The plan would have provided free drugs, diagnostic services and insurance for serious ailments. Only about 17 percent of India’s citizens have health insurance.

Trigger warning for rape and a horrible headline: Arrests have been made for the rape of an elderly nun in West Bengal.

Something to counterbalance the awfulness: A two year old named Dolly Shivani Cherukuli set a new archery record. She became the youngest Indian to shoot 36 arrows from both a distance of five meters and seven meters.


In an attempt to intimidate student activists, the military junta sent plainclothes detectives and policeman to the homes of 20 student dissidents. They were told to stay away from protests and rallies.


After meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, U.S. President Obama confirmed that the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan would be slowed down.

President Ghani also stated he is cautiously optimistic about relations with Pakistan.

Trigger warning for violence: The killing of a young Afghan woman outside of a mosque in Kabul has sparked massive protests.

Related to the above story, this opinion piece on BBC’s news site is entitled, “Why I am ashamed to be a man in Afghanistan.”


The Pakistani government has promised that any threat to Saudi Arabia would provoke a strong response.

The government has been trying to bring back YouTube, arguing it is too great an educational tool to forever deny access.


The city-state’s founding father is lying in state, drawing thousands who want to pay their respects to Lee Kuan Yew. The former prime minister died on Monday at the age of 91.


Reports say that ten Hindu pilgrims were killed during a stampede during a bathing ritual at a holy site.

Three Bangladeshi oil workers who were kidnapped by gunmen in Libya have been set free.


Sunday, March 23rd marks 43 years since U.S. troops withdrew from Vietnam.

The Philippines

The trial of a U.S. Marine accused of murdering Jennifer Laude, a transgender woman, began this week.


The government is planning to shut down the last four of the country’s major coal-fired power plants in an effort to reduce pollution. They will be replaced by gas-powered plants.


An audit this week revealed that millions were wasted in the cleanup of Fukushima.

This piece is long, but it discusses how, 70 years after Hiroshima, scientists still don’t truly understand the effects of radiation exposure.

‘Til next week.

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