News in Asia Is Rooting For Afghanistan

Well, we do root for them in all things, but right now, we were especially pulling for the men’s cricket team in the World Cup.

The team didn’t make it to the quarter-final (sadface.gif) but they were inspiring nonetheless.

This is cool: a project based out of Berkley, CA is seeking to collect stories from those who remember the 1947 split that resulted in modern day India and Pakistan.

Nearly a million civilians are returning home after fleeing the government’s military offensive in North Waziristan.

Two churches in Lahore, Pakistan have been attacked and 14 people have been killed.

The Obama administration is pissed that Britain is planning to join China’s new development bank for Asia.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Sri Lanka for the first time in 28 years.

An Indian doctor has invented a self-defense baton for women. It combines a non-lethal stun-gun, knife and siren.

The foreign ministers for China, Japan and South Korea will meet for the first time in three years. The agenda: makes plans for another meeting.

Activists arrested during student-led rallies in Burma have appeared in court, alleging police brutality.

So an Indian bride walked out of her wedding after her groom failed a math test.

Finally, Art Basel Hong Kong opened this past weekend.

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