News in Asia Loves International Women’s Day

So yesterday was International Women’s Day and to celebrate, we will have stories focusing on women, as well as cover a few other stories. I’ve highlighted positive stories, but there are a few stories that carry trigger warnings for rape and violence.

This week marked the festival of Holi in India, (or as some call it, the festival of colors). This story from NPR tells the story of widows celebrating the festival. According to Hindu tradition, widows participating in festivals is frowned upon, so for a widow to participate in a festival like Holi is an act of liberation.

Unfortunately, this survey says that Indian women have the lowest socio-economic standing out of 16 Asia Pacific countries.

This photo set from Huffington Post highlights the work of women all over the world. Remember, women make up 40 percent of the work force, but hold just one percent of the world’s wealth.

NBC News has a list of stories and profiles of Asian American and Pacific Islander women who are kicking ass.

The Football Association of Singapore celebrated the day with a “football fiesta” with 500 women participating.

This article celebrates the women of the Malaysian state of Kelantan.

This is not cool: China detained ten women activists in several cities on the eve of International Women’s Day. Demonstrations were planned to speak out against the sexual harassment of women on public transportation.

This is very cool: In Singapore, the NTUC Women’s Development Secretariat held a job fair Sunday in conjunction with IWD that specifically targeted job opportunities for older women. 

Hundreds of women marched in Manila in support of IWD and to protest, among other things, the murder of a transgender woman, Jennifer Laude, by an American soldier.

Trigger warning for mentions of rape and violence against women: an Afghan woman was pelted with rocks and forced to go into hiding for protesting the sexual harassment faced by Afghan women while wearing armor.

In heartening news: Afghan men in Kabul marched in burkas late last week to draw attention to women’s rights.

In Other Quick News:

The U.S. ambassador to South Korea was injured in a knife attack in Seoul.

Trigger warning for rape: India’s home minister threatened the BBC over a documentary film about the rape and murder of a female student in Delhi in 2012. The film features an interview with one of the rapists, who is facing the death penalty.

In news that will break your heart: Pakistani teenagers recreate a photo taken before the Peshawar school massacre.

In news that is pretty cool: Fiji is having a contest to design a new national flag. The current flag has the Union Jack, along with the country’s coat of arms. Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said a new flag was wanted that did not have the Union Jack; saying it represented Britain and not Fiji.

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