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Everything happens when you have limited internet access for a week. We’ll get to the disaster that was the Oscars after some news.

Major General Linda L. Singh becomes the first woman and first African-American to lead the Maryland National Guard.

Following the Chelsea incident, where soccer fans used racist chants, this sign was posted outside Wembley.

White people perceive lighter skinned blacks and Hispanics as smarter.  Colorism, still exists.

We finally will have more diverse emojis! Here’s where they came from.

To celebrate Leonard Nimoy’s life, here is a letter from the late actor to a bi-racial girl.

Though Black History Month has come to a close, it’s never a bad time to learn more about great black leaders in America. Here’s a great article on Malcolm X.

America’s transportation system discriminates against minorities and the poor.

The Guardian has an article on racism and its complete lack of scientific evidence. Interesting, considering how science has been used to validate and continue racist practices.

The Whitney Plantation becomes the U.S.’s first ever slavery museum. That’s right, first. Because nothing says America like centuries of blindness towards our racist history.

John Legend was urged to cancel a concert in Bahrain to protest human right violations, but ultimately decided to perform in solidarity with those fans protesting.

The Root looks at the black male teacher “shortage” and separates fact from fiction. Related, Tim’m West speaks about his experiences as a queer black male teacher over at Huffington Post.

Ferguson protests are still going strong, and now they are looking at closing the digital divide in their communities.

The Supreme Court is looking at the hijab discrimination case against Abercrombie & Fitch, in case you needed a reminder that Abercrombie & Fitch is the absolute worst.

Sociological Images has a piece on pesticide drift and its ecological and racial impacts.

Conversations about financial aid for undocumented youth continue to gain traction and support, and are finally becoming normalized.

Oscars News & Hollywood

I didn’t watch this year, and apparently I missed the usual self-congratulatory, overzealous grandstanding, and misguided politicization of Hollywood.

First there was the whole coverage of powerful performance of “Glory” by John Legend and Common, focusing on who was truly important in that moment, Chris Pine.

Actual performance below:

Next, there were some attempts to point out how white the Oscars were, by making white jokes, which fell flat and don’t acknowledge the power dynamics at play. It’s worse if you make fun of black films.

Also, if you’re asked to host something take the time to learn how to pronounce people’s names.

Then, Sean Penn made a lovely immigration joke. In case you were wondering, yes, it was bad.

#OscarsSoWhite trended just as a reminder at how terrible Hollywood really is at dealing with race.

Then, there was the whole Zendaya dreads debacle with Giuliana Rancic looking like a disaster.

Finally, Patricia Arquette made some statements about wage equality, that sidelined gay people and people of color, and then there was some aggressive tweeting and general “white feminism.”

However, despite all of this, the show did present some great successes for people of color, as John Legend spoke out about voting rights and prison rates, and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu called for dignity and respect for immigrants.

For all its misfires, the Oscars mattered.

Also, some Hollywood icons looked AMAZING.

Film history in this country is rife with racism, and silences around people actively fighting against racism, i.e. how Black America fought against Birth of a Nation.

Colorlines asks if PBS, champion of independent film and filmmakers, still cares about people of color and their stories.

Speaking of indie films about people of color, a new trailer was released for the road trip comedy for Farah Goes Bang, which follows a trio of friends on a road trip to canvass for John Kerry.

HBO is taking a step in the right direction, and recently announced a fellowship for diverse writers.

In celebrities (using this word, really loosely) continue to say stupid things news, Kid Rock said some stupid things about Beyoncé, and the Beyhive retaliated.

Michelle Rodriguez took some time to open her mouth and let nonsense fall out when she said that she didn’t want minorities playing traditionally white superheroes. She has since elaborated, somewhat.

In casting news, Raven-Symoné will be playing Dre’s gay sister on Black-ish.

ALERT: Missy Elliot is working on new music!

We end this week with Ice-T voicing a slew of your favorite cartoon characters. Have a great week everyone!

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