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This week in PoC News is video-heavy so make sure your roommates aren’t hogging all the bandwidth.

Missed this last week: Afghan men wore burqas on International Women’s Day to campaign for women’s rights.

Zaytuna College in Berkeley became America’s first accredited Muslim college.

Guess who’s been making some edits on the Wikipedia pages of victims of police brutality? Don’t guess, you know the answer.

A new study suggests that our current estimations for police killings are probably low.

Buzzfeed looks at the Ferguson Judicial system and how it reflects decades of racial prejudice and biases, while The Atlantic wonders why conservatives have remained mostly silent on the new information about Ferguson.

Meanwhile, there is a continued push to recruit minority police officers and law enforcement agents both on the local and federal levels.

In light of the SAE-related events in Oklahoma, we have University of Washington examining claims of racial slurs from their own SAE branch, Rush Limbaugh (surprise!) jumping to the frat’s defense, and a sorority expelling a member for using racist language in Snapchat.

In way more positive college news, University of Alabama elected their first black student government president in forty years, which is not nearly as impressive as 10-year-old Esther Okade, who just enrolled in college.

The New York Times Magazine has a piece by Marlon James, who chronicles his years of immigration and searching for his true self.

Speaking of immigration, why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?

13 years after being booed, Serena Williams returns to Indian Wells to a standing ovation.

Because it’s Women’s History Month, the Root has two stories on groundbreaking black women, and how their stories are shared in inspiring ways.

Check out this Patreon project called Marked featuring science-fiction fantasy stories of Korean adoptees by Korean adoptees.

A Univision talk show host was fired for racially insensitive jokes about Michelle Obama which points to a larger racial gap in Latino communities.

President Obama went on Jimmy Kimmel to read mean tweets about himself, and these are probably the most TV friendly they could find.

Not to be outdone, First Lady Michelle Obama went on Ellen to celebrate her “Let’s Move” campaign, talked about hip thrusting, and danced to “Uptown Funk.”

Ava DuVernay gave a keynote at SXSW this past week, telling people that “There are dreams out there that bigger than you even know how to dream, so don’t limit the dream with the small stuff.”

At Paleyfest, the Scandal Cast talks about their Ferguson Episode.

73 pilots were ordered for the next TV season featuring black actors. Let’s hope most of them make it to air.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is sweeping the internet which means that it’s time to look at the questionable ways race and racial humor plays out in the show. (DONG? Seriously? Sixteen Candles wants their tired emasculated Asian man jokes back.) Flavorwire takes a look at producer Tina Fey’s history with problematic racial humor.

Speaking about Asian representation in show business, NPR has a look back at Asian American nightclub performers in the 1940s and 50s.

Are you getting excited for the next season of Orange is the New Black? Well, the show released this teaser and you’ll remember how much you missed all these faces.

Rihanna is a Dior Girl and will feature in their Secret Garden Campaign because Rihanna is high fashion and glamour.

Eriana Miyamoto, a biracial woman, was selected as Japan’s representative for the Miss Universe pageant.

Lea Salonga talks about potentially coming back to Broadway in Allegiance, George Takei’s show about Japanese internment during WWII, and I am looking for tickets as I type this.

We have new music to get excited about this week!!!

Before the music, let’s enjoy the fact that a jury ruled that “Blurred Lines” did infringe on Marvin Gaye’s copyright.

Prince dropped “What If.”

If you haven’t heard Devonté Hynes and Neneh Cherry’s “Agender” (celebrating gender fluidity and non-binary people) get on this RIGHT NOW.

Also, check out this video celebrating everyday “women’s work” and lives from East L.A. band Las Cafeteras and their new single, “Mujer Soy.”

Enjoy the music and the week ahead! Leave your comments below!

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