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This Weekend Open Thread is Reading

Show me your books.

I’ve been on a kick of only requesting books from NetGalley by authors who seem to be women (meaning, they have female-sounding names or it mentions their gender in the bio — it’s not a perfect system, but it’s the best I can do), but I’d also like to hear what you’ve picked up so far this year that’s been good.

So, read any good books lately?

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I just finished Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist and I feel like my whole life is different now.

Also I started Barbara Ehrenreich’s Dancing in the Streets because I like sociology books and I’m supposed to rereading Prisoner of Azkaban for a book club, but I just found the audiobooks sooo, I’ll be doing that instead.

I’m going to second how amazing the Parasol Protectorate is and also remind everyone that the first book in her next series comes out on Tuesday! Prudence will hopefully be as amazing as her forerunners. I know Sophronia and Alexia have yet to let me down! :)

As for books I’ve been reading, I’m rereading the Tiffany Aching set of Terry Pratchett books right now. RIP Sir Terry. Wee Free Men is lovely, and Hat Full of Sky is next!

Also, Saga is probably the best graphic novel I’ve read in awhile. And if you like silly fun, I’d recommend How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf. It’s cheesy and fun, and the main character is more realistic than most romance leads, which makes me happy.

Show my books? I just packed them away, in an aggressive bout of spring cleaning!

I mean, let me have a look.
Best of January: Dorothy Must Die (lovely twist on The Wizard of Oz, kick ass character)
Best of February: The entire Parasol Protectorate series
Best of March: *sad trombone sound*

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