Weekly Anime Review

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 20

Three Martian Kataphrac against the Deucalion crews… the Martians won, and the Deucalion had to run with its tail between its legs. One is invisible with explosive arrows, one has a lighting shield that discharges anything electronic, and one can make copies of itself. Charming trio. It also appears that Harklight is the person dealing with the whole war side of things, Slaine just says, “Do X,” and he plans it out. Basically, taking out Harklight will take out Slaine. Also, Slaine is now so much a Martian. He even calls people living on Earth “vulgar trash.” All that because he got NTR. It’s really starting to feel a bit like Buddy Complex v2.0.

The count released by Inaho a few weeks ago (his name is too complicated to remember) finally got to uphold his side of the “bargain.” He found the real princess and got to give her, through her handmaiden, the pendant. Lemaria also found out her sister was not in the jar anymore. She’s close to her breaking point, as is Slaine. Oh, and Seylum got back her memories, so she’s probably going to try to escape now.

Replicating mecha
Self made army

The Earth leaders asked the Deucalion to retake the land they lost without much of a plan. Charming dudes. Although, I get the feeling we might end up going back in space to save the princess instead.

Fafner Exodus, Ep 8

I didn’t get my battle. Instead I got preparations.

The Walker following the island is actually a shadow, the real enemy is elsewhere. So there was no fight. It was just a “poking to learn how they fight” kind of face-off last week.

Most of this episode was about sending the two boys to save the others far away… using rocket launchers. Someone called it a vulgar mail delivery service. At last Seri found a name for the Core: Orihime-chan. The core is still a tsundere as well and lives with Seri (and kicked her out of her bed).

Seiri getting kicked out of bed
Hime is a troll

We got a few scenes with the others who were supposed to talk to the Mir. They concluded there is a traitor who called the enemies there. That’s interesting.

Death Parade, Ep 8

That was an awesome-looking air hockey table… with skulls and organ pucks. The Quindecim isn’t trying to look normal and non-creepy one bit.

This week and the next cliffhanger you see, we have two gentlemen. A 22-year-old guy who killed the guy who assaulted his sister, and an older detective who killed the person who murdered his wife, or they ended up killing each others’, that one is not clear. Both looks like nice enough people despite their revenge issues. They also seem to have crazy repressed memories because they are super slow at triggering them.

On top of this, Nonane asked to get the memories and that request was accepted. Her reaction was falling on her ass. Probably wasn’t what she was expecting. I’m starting to wonder if she is an arbiter in training or something. There were a lot of side glances this episode. She knows she is dead… again.

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