Weekly Anime Review

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 21

Moar Sciences! This week we learn about electricity potential and quantum teleportation.

Quantum teleportation is a bit insane for a duplication ability though, and should that cause temporal fluctuation anyhow?

The two princesses meet each other and they appear to be good friends, going by what happened later. Of course, Slaine is now a douche who totally believes that destroying everything so he can put his own puppet in charge is the way to go. That means both princesses were put into house arrest. Aren’t they supposed to be in charge, Slaine? We got a scene from the first opening sequence again: Asseylum holding a gun.

On the Earth side, Inaho kicked the ass of the three Martians, Yuki sniped the invisible mech, Inaho took down the electric one by getting grounded on him, and everyone killed the duplicate one with Inaho calculating the shots. I’m starting to think his eyes are going to give up soon.

The Orange I heard about
Death by Orange, AZ meme

The Deucalion is going back into space next episode, I get the feeling they are gunning for the moon this time. The Earth Leaders are so exploiting them.

Fafner Exodus, Ep 9

Sein and Nitch are so overpowered that it’s almost boring. Poor Maya, she really wanted to be able to protect people, but she doesn’t have an overpowered mecha for that.

There was a new type of Festum in this episode, called the Diablo type. It kills the pilot and takes over the mecha. Nasty. Also, the people who died are all red shirts with no names. I want real death. Even Emily is still alive.

There were a few scenes about the other human plotters who probably called in the Festum to destroy the Mir. They decided to send a unit to clean the place over, unfortunately for them, Sein and Nitch took care of that.

Death Parade, Ep 9

That detective would give a few tricks to Ginti. What an ass. OK, I guess it is understandable in a some way, from a psychological point of view, but the goading, the “I watched your sister being assaulted just so I could kill the guy¬†later” was just evil. The detective was basically creating victims so he could avenge them.

Noname was pissed though, because Decim didn’t stop the whole thing. He just wanted the kid to go all pissed off on the detective. Basically, the detective clouded the kid’s soul and both went to the void. Oh, and the kid kind of killed the detective twice; yep, he was responsible for his death in real life, too, but we don’t know how the kid died.

Noname went a bit hard on Decim’s lack of feelings and understanding of people. It kind of enforced the idea that Decim had feelings, though. He was all sad over the accusation.

Detective goading people into killing him
The detective looks like a psycho here

Next episode seems to have Noname playing cards with an old lady. Hmm, I wonder if that was her original “judgment” that failed, is it a new “trial,” or does she play because the old lady came alone?

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