Weekly Anime Review

Aldnoah Zero ep 11

Huh? Inaho’s eye lied for him. Self-aware already… and he wasn’t even angry about it. I must admit, seeing someone talking to his eye is a bit weird.

Klancain escaped with the Princess and they made haste to Inaho’s county friend; he launched his Landing Castle back into space for it, and it appears the princess will try to contact the Deucalion.

The Earth Military decided to amass their army. For some reason, I get the feeling that’s not going to end well. Slaine decided to pay back in kind by destroying Earth, basically. All that because the Princess slipped past his grasp.

Sleipnir Showdown Spec
Showdown spec… you know the show is almost over

Asseylum finally got to talk to her grandfather and the guy is totally senile. So she decided to name herself Empress of Vers.

The number of death flags in this episode, though.

Fafner Exodus ep 11

So each of the pilots on the island has their own powers now, and by “own powers,” I mean they can use them outside of their Fafner.

One of them teleported his crush (who was taking a bath naked) into his bedroom. Mimika shielded herself because she was feeling a bit down about something bad happening. The guy who has a crush on Mimika teleported into her shield and hurt himself, and Seri is still being bullied by Orihime-chan, and going by what happened with the others, Seri should be able to regen.

Fafner main island
Pretty topdown shot of the island where the protags are coming from

Of course it didn’t end there. Seems like the process results in some side effects. Unwanted side effects. Like assimilating things or having a big hole in yourself.

Death Parade ep 11

This episode had two elements and no games.

The first part is Ginti and Mayu; he finally had her decide her fate. Strangely, I don’t think Ginti would have had to do anything there. She would have joined Harada in the void regardless of his judgement… and this is where Ginti shows how much of an idiot he is.

Mayu and Harada ended up in the void. She didn’t seem to mind, because Mayu doesn’t really have negative emotions.

On the other side, Chiyuki put on some skates and a dress and did a show for Decim. She was a competitive figure skater and very good at it. In fact, she won the first competition she participated in. Later she had an accident and she couldn’t compete anymore. This is when she got into a huge depression.
But the depression wasn’t because she couldn’t skate anymore, it was because she saw all her family and friends as strangers. She didn’t know them outside of “I am a figure skater.” She ended up killing herself because of it. The whole “remembering her life while skating” was very well done.

Next episode, the last episode, should be interesting. Oculus is about to mind-rape Nona. Decim needs to finalize his judgement of Chiyuki, and, well, the anime needs to end.

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