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Aldnoah Zero ep 24

The End

Hmm, that was a bit anti-climactic. All kinds of resolution was hand-waved to have a big confusing three-sided front fight between the Deucalion crews, Harklight, the count and Inaho vs Slaine. Basically, the new Empress declares peace and gave Aldnoah to Earth in a one-minute segment. Oh, and she married a dude we have seen in only two episodes.

Everyone thinks Slaine died too, but Sleynum asked Inaho to save him from his misery. That resulted in him being miserable in a secret prison. He really just wanted to die. The best part of the episode was Rayet taking on the count with the blue mech and Marito taking on Harklight and both would have won if the two Martians didn’t run away and then come back for a collective suicide.

Rayet, Inko and Yuki
Team Mustang, all girls… except Inaho who isn’t on the shot.

There are a couple of things that we don’t know anything about. Lemrina technically escaped, this mean we could have an evil sister plot in another season. I’m not sure if I’m going to watch it though. The show focuses way too much on Inaho vs Slaine when that’s so secondary to the world-plot. It had pretty fights though.

Fafner Exodus ep 12

Well, that doesn’t look good for the kids. The Gordian’s crystal are protecting their life, at the cost of a weirdo assimilation processes and without care for their appearance or mind. They are all scared of their powers too, but I can understand why. They are supposed to be creepy.

40 kilimeters is a long distance to spread 22,000 people over. That exodus is going to take a long time. 1/10th of the distance in five days when you have planes. Yup, super long trip. Lots of people died in a sneak attack by the Festum, so I guess they are like 21,000 now.

Evil Festum
That’s the big bad and surprise, he is evil.

Looks like the island is now sending two more pilots into the fray. Well, more like sending back. Canon is going back as a pilot, along with an older lady called Sakura who hasn’t piloted anything for years and their unmanned mech. I wonder at what speed they can build those, they are going to need it with the super evil Festum that can take over people’s mind over a distance.

One more episode to go (the season is split).

Death Parade ep 12

There were many tears this episode and it was the last episode as well.

Decim used Chiyuki’s memories to recreate a lie to see if she would sacrifice someone else so she can be revived. A really cheap shot, didn’t work though. Still those false happenings caused much sorrow and Decim was wired to Chiuyki and cried a lot. Poor guy.

Flowered Head and Nona had a little chit-chat that I’m not really sure I understood. Seems like there is a 4th rule for Arbiters: they shouldn’t know about life. The old man and Nona seems to disagree on a couple of things. That part smelled a bit of “season 2” to me, but it doesn’t mean that such a thing will exist. We also learned that all the people in the afterlife are puppets with souls of people coming from the void. That explain a few things.

Final comment: Chiyuki’s puppet is super creepy.

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