Camp NaNo 2015 — Week 1 Check In

Camp NaNo has started. Have you?

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As mentioned last week, I’ll be here every Friday with a Camp Nano 2015 check in thread. Like our NaNoWriMo series, this space is an opportunity for you to let us know how things are going, brag about your progress, or complain about the lack-there-of to sympathetic ears.

Camp only started two days ago, so if you haven’t begun yet, there’s still plenty of time. Given the self-defined goals of camp, a late start won’t be the anvil around your neck it is in November. Two days of non-writing during NaNo puts you 3334 words in the red. During Camp? Well, maybe you’re not behind at all.  This month I’ve opted for a breezy goal of 20,000 words on my ongoing WiP, A Town Called Leviathan. That works out to a reasonable 666 words a day, which is totally on purpose, because I am a twelve-year-old at heart.

What goals did you set for yourself this month? How on track are you?

Need some writing related mood music? Our friend Linotte has some suggestions.

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