Camp NaNo 2015 — Week 2 Check In

As of today, we’re ten days into the first Camp NaNo challenge of the year. So how did you do?

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I’m enjoying the more laid back feeling of camp. The lower word count target gives me some structure without the slightly panicky feeling of trying to stuff 1666 words into my day. I’m a plodding writer — even under deadline I spend a lot (too much!) time thinking and overthinking my sentences — so every November getting the daily count done feels like a Herculean effort. 666 words a day? Easy-peasy, at least on the days I get a chance to write.

I’ve also jumped into the second round of A Round of Words in 80 Days. Both Brenda and I written about this challenge before — participants publicly state their writing goals for the next 80 days and every Wednesday and Sunday are expected to make accountability posts about their progress. I had a lot of success in this system a couple of years ago and decided to hop back into it. The self-defined goals allow you to incorporate something like Camp NaNo while also making room for other challenges — posting regularly on your blog or revising your last draft, for instance. You’ll need your own blog or Tumblr for this one — you can follow me over on My Aim is True if you’re interested.

That’s my progress. What’s yours?

By [E] Slay Belle

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