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A Chinese journalist was sentenced to seven years in prison over the alleged leaking of confidential documents.

The government plans to close a number of dyeing plants, oil refineries, and pesticide makers in an effort to clean up the water supply.

Regarding China’s push to claim territory in the South China Sea, the Philippines has asked the U.S. for more support to counter China’s expansion.

Five female activists have been released from jail following international condemnation.


A Japanese court has blocked the reopening of two nuclear reactors.


An American woman was shot in Karachi and the attack was claimed by Islamic militants.

South Korea

President Park Guen-hye has vowed she will raise the Sewol ferry, one year after its sinking, which killed 304 people, most of them students.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed a nuclear deal with Canada this week. Canada will supply India with 3.2 million kilos of uranium over a five-year period.

Tens of thousands of farmers gathered to protest an “anti-poor” land bill that would allow easier purchases of land for rich companies while pushing out poorer farmers.

India’s growth is set to outpace China’s.

Several communities celebrated the new year this week (according to the solar calendar) including Punjab, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Assam, and Kerala.

In stories of women we should know more about, Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a transmedia artist whose work highlights the connection between caste discrimination and sexual violence in India. (For the record, “transmedia” is telling stories via multiple platforms.)


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