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As I’m sure all of you know by now, Nepal was hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. 

The aftermath is devastating, with an estimated 2,300 people killed as of this writing and the death toll expected to rise. A number of climbers on Mount Everest were killed or injured by landslides and avalanches, with more trapped on the mountain.

Also, several historic sites were either severally damaged or totally destroyed. This before and after from the New York Times shows the loss of two of the most well known historical sites, Dharahara Tower and Maju Deval.

Here is a list of organizations to donate to the relief effort, but always double check with Charity Navigator to make sure that the charity you plan to donate to is reputable.

Other News Stories

The Obama administration admitted that a drone strike in Pakistan killed an American development expert and an Italian aid worker held hostage by al Qaeda. The tragedy has called into question (for some) the drone war that has been taking place the last several years. This doesn’t seem to take into account that drone strikes have killed and injured thousands of civilians since 2004.

The Ford Foundation has been put on a watchlist by the Indian home ministry, allegedly because of connections by a vocal critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan will take a greater role in global security, particularly regarding China.

The Japanese government is also closer to restarting nuclear reactors.

There have been two new cases of AIDS discovered in the northern Takhar province of Afghanistan, bringing the total to 18 cases in total.

Two years after the factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh that killed over a thousand people, things pretty much remain the same in the retail and garment industry.

The local government of Hong Kong announced its plans for an election overhaul that offered minor concessions to the demands of the pro-democracy groups that protested for months.

Fashion and Art

As many of you are aware, Banksy is deeply problematic. So here is a list of street artists from all over the world, not just Asia, that you should know about who aren’t Banksy.

Here are photos for Nadia Ali for Pakistani designer Mehdi.

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