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For those of you celebrating Easter, hope it was a great one!

In that spirit, here’s a quick supercut of how much Hollywood loves white Jesus imagery. Now let’s get on the with the rest of the news!

Here’s your weekly reminder that Ferguson protests are still going strong and that the news coming out from Ferguson is still terrible (including that of racist police practices). The question of how we portray Ferguson in the historical consciousness has also been raised as questions of censorship and selective memory are brought up.

Chris Rock has been taking selfies every time he gets pulled over by the police and some people have (wrong) opinions about that.

Two huge court cases have significant effects on the future of women: 1) Ellen Pao lost her case on sexual harrassment in Silicon Valley, and 2) Purvi Patel was sentenced to 20 years in prison based on Indiana’s Feticide Law despite her insistence that she suffered a miscarriage.

Families are also at the core of several other issues facing women of color. Mothers are on strike at Karnes Immigrant Detention Center. A federal judge has ruled that South Dakota officials have violated Native American families’ rights.

Kimberlé Crenshaw, intersectional theorist, has sparked #HerDreamDeferred, a conversation about black women, academic achievement and economic futures.

Last week also saw International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31st, so let’s celebrate some remarkable black trans women.

For many young black writers, there are still many barriers (including reception by their peers) to their careers. Luckily, some efforts are being made, including this writers’ fellowship from Saeed Jones, to create safer opportunites for all writers.

Several conversations about race and representation have been making waves on the Internet. NPR lead a conversation on fear, stereotypes and civil rights for black men in America. Artist Samantha Wall has created striking black and white portraits of multiracial people of color to discuss images and representation of this diverse group. A photo of Latina women that has been circulating on Twitter and Facebook has inspired conversation about Latino identities.

Rhodes Scholarships are expanding to include Chinese students.

The Aerogram has a great look at Desi Dance parties on college campuses and acts of creating safe spaces for immigrant communities in conversation with identity politics and solidarity with other minorities.

Remember that hilariously misguided Deadline piece? Well, Deadline apologized. This is for you, Deadline.

Dave Chappelle was performing standup in Santa Fe, when someone threw a banana at him. This just in: audiences are still remarkably racist.

Aasif Mandvi hosted the 2015 Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner, where he got super real and called out cable news for its exploitative (often racist) reporting.

In other Daily Show news, Trevor Noah was announced as the new host after Jon Stewart.

Before you could celebrate, the Internet found some unfortunate tweets and the controversial news/backlash cycle began, which of course included some middle-aged white male comedians ranting about outrage and free speech.

In a completely thoughtless move, Cosmopolitan in their “R.I.P.” feature, used black models to mark trends that are out and white models to indicate new looks. Beauty standards, reinforced.

The Wiz is NBC’s new live musical! Let’s start predicting which NBC star will be playing Dorothy. (Audra McDonald for Glinda, obviously).

The Grace Jones documentary is for real happening! 

Have you seen Furious 7 yet? Are you sure? The movie is destroying April box office debut records, so I’m assuming everyone has seen it. If you’ve seen it, are you still losing your mind over the insane action sequences? Director James Wan talks about how it all came together.

The Rock has officially signed on to Disney’s Moana.

Speaking of Disney, they are continuing this live-action trend with the announcement of a live-action Mulan. Exciting news, but I’m holding on my excitement until find an actress of Chinese descent for the lead.

In comic book movie news, Film School Rejects looks at why minority directors are important for minority superhero movies.

The DC TV universe continues to expand with the announcement of Ciara Renee’s Hawkgirl joining the Arrow/Flash spinoff.

Anthony Mackie opens his mouth and doesn’t say something cringeworthy, and instead talks about the importance of expanding the Marvel universe for representation for girls.

Thankfully, we have Mindy Kaling’s brother to fill the “you’re the worst” quota for a pretty newsworthy week, with his railing against affirmative action by “posing as a black man” and trying to get into medical school. While some people might pretend to understand where he’s coming from, the core of his tirade is anti-blackness and a failure to understand systemic racism. Ugh, the worst.

EVERYONE GET EXCITED: We’re all going to London because they have a Bend it like Beckham musical.

Location specific humor alert: Queens native rapper/comedian, Awkwafina is releasing her guide to the Big Apple in Awkwafina NYC and I already love it.

Bounce Queen Big Freedia talks to The Advocate about her gender identity.

Rihanna pranked Jimmy Kimmel in spectacular fashion for April Fools’ Day.

Jay-Z, Beyoncé and a who’s who A-List of music (including Rihanna) announced Tidal music streaming service…

and the Internet lost their mind. Despite how you feel about Tidal, that’s not stopping artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna from releasing exclusives, and simultaneously, that’s not stopping the Internet from ripping that music.

Mom Dancing is back, so let’s see what Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama in their matching pink cardigans have for us this time.

Janelle Monáe and Jidenna released a new single and your life will never be the same.

Have a great week everyone!

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