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Before jumping into the news around America, here’s a quick highlight of news around the world.

On to news in America.

Before the nation could fully mourn Walter Scott, another black man, Eric Harris, was murdered in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a volunteer cop.

What are all the videos of these deaths doing to us? Are the videos of police killings numbing us?

The Washington Post reports that police are targeting black bicycle riders by enforcing a “stop and frisk” style policy.

The Senate has failed to confirm Loretta Lynch for Attorney General, and supporters are urging a hunger strike until the Senate votes.

Following the growing pressure to put a woman on the $20 bill in the U.S., The Root looks at why Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks are inappropriate choices, considering this nation’s long history of commodifying black women’s bodies, and the foundation of this economy on slavery.

Over at Sociological Images, they look at the global impact of quinoa. Arguably, the impacts are fairly similar for all “trend” “superfoods.”

Back in November, OiTNB actress Diane Guerrero shared her personal story of immigration, that included her family’s deportation. Now she’s prepping a memoir on her immigration experiences and talks about how she’s glad the story went viral.

NPR has a brief roundup of photos from the #BlackLivesMatter protests in NYC this past week. The teenagers interviewed are all students at the school where P-Mag writer Karishma works. Yay activist youth!

Speaking of #BlackLivesMatter, it seems police are monitoring tweets. And not just your regular old police force, but counter-terrorism task forces. This should come as no surprise considering the recent report that a #BlackLivesMatter organizer in Pasadena, California is being held on terrorism charges.

In other California news, a school board official is catching heat (pun intended) for suggesting that the money in the budget be used to buy AC for a predominantly white school instead of a predominantly Latino school, since the Latino students are more used to the heat because they don’t have air conditioning at home. Yeesh.

Amandla Stenberg continues to be the coolest, smartest teenager on social media with her recent post racism and cultural appropriation. Rue is grown up and kicking ass.

This past Tax Day in the U.S. coincided with labor protests around the world for better wages. You can find images of protests abroad and in the U.S., here.

A study finds that eliminating racial income gaps could be very beneficial to the US economy.

Has your commute or work day been that much more empty without Serial to look forward to? Rabia Chaudry brings us a new podcast about Adnan Syed.

Activist and actress Laverne Cox is one of the actresses who got naked in this year’s Allure nudes shoot. Also featured: Nicole Beharie and Jordana Brewster, among others.

In other magazine news, Essence magazine features showrunners and creators like Ava DuVernay, Debbie Allen, Issa Rae, Shonda Rhimes, and Mara Brock Akil on their May cover.

Shonda Rhimes may be tired of talking about diversity, but it’s still a pretty essential conversation.

GLAAD released stats on LGBT representation and while TV is proving to be more inclusive than film, overall we are still skewing white and gay male.

Speaking on television and diverse representation, Buzzfeed looks at the Asian-American sitcom, comparing Margaret Cho’s All-American Girl and Fresh off the Boat.

Cristela Alonzo, the star and creator of Cristelawrote an emotional response to criticisms of the show and about Latina identity on the eve of the season’s final episode. It’s still unclear if the show will be renewed.

In case you needed another refresher on intersectional feminism, but needed it in a palatable metaphor, i.e. pizza, here’s a video from writer/comedian Akilah Hughes.

Here at Persephone Magazine, we highlight some Feminist Bollywood movies. The Aerogram provides a few more options for the discerning Bollywood consumer.

A few weeks ago, we gave you the teaser trailer for the eagerly anticipated Dope. Finally, we have a full trailer and it looks great.

Tribeca Film Festival continues in NYC this week, so here are some other black films that you should check out, either in person, or the second they become available online.

The X-Men cast keeps on growing. Olivia Munn has joined the cast as Psylocke.

Related to sprawling ensemble casts, THE NEW STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS TRAILER IS OUT. Did you see it? Are you amped for everything John Boyega???

One of Time’s 100 Most Influential peopleKanye West did a surprise set at Coachella with The Weeknd.

This past week would’ve marked Selena’s 44th birthday, and to commemorate her, her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas went all out with the first annual Fiesta de la Flor. Buzzfeed has a couple nice recaps of the weekend.

There’s a petition for a Selena-inspired M.A.C. collection. I think we can all agree that we would buy the shit out of anything inspired by Selena.

A gif captioned "anything for Salinas"

We have new music from Rihanna & Janelle Monae. Get your week started right!

Before you listen to Janelle Monae, remember she shut down this criticizing tweet: “girl stop being so soulful and be sexy..tired of those dumbass fine but u too damn soulful man,” with this badass response.

Let’s end this on a beautiful soulful note with Tracy Chapman singing “Stand By Me” as a farewell to David Letterman.

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