Recipe Roundup: Thinking Pink

This Roundup is late for a very important date. If this Roundup had been late for its period, it wouldn’t be looking for two blue lines. Oh no. This Roundup would be seeing its midwife for a dating scan. Persephoneers, this Roundup can barely bring itself to admit that it is late for a very important date. Deep breaths. It’s okay. This Roundup missed February 15th. Half-Price Chocolate Day. It — it’s okay. We can get through this together. There was April’s attempt at chocolate celebrations, but nothing quite lives up to the anticipation of February 15th. Those prices. Those chocolates. So clutch your pearls, it’s time for a shotgun Roundup of all things pink.

Let’s start with a bang, shall we? Looking for something scrumptious that oozes sweetness? A treat with hidden treasures? An indulgence that throws sugar-coated caution to the wind? Then this is the cake for you. From Hungry Happenings: the Conversation Heart Piñata Cake. This is a cake that will test you before giving up the goodies. Stretch those muscles, turn up the music, and show this recipe who’s boss.

Feeling a little less energetic? More duvet woman than dancing girl? Then get your pinny on, promise Mrs. Beeton you’ll always come back to her, and break open this recipe from James Martin. All right. Fine. So the white chocolate and raspberry trifle isn’t quite as relaxing as I promised, but it involves chocolate. And booze. And cream. And raspberries. And booze. This is a trifle, so the more the — the merrier. Hic. Did I mention booze?

Oh dear. This Roundup needs a dark room and a glass of water. If you’re still feeling chipper and you need your pink delights to be a little more dazzling; if you’re looking for a little more sparkle in your pinkness (quiet down at the back, Cullen), then from Persephone’s very own archives, may this Roundup present: Unicorn Poop Cookies. Oh yes, go forth brave ones and embrace the multi-coloured wonder of Unicorn Poop Cookies.

All that chocolate. All that booze. All that Unicorn Poop. This Roundup feels it’s only right to offer up a healthy conclusion. A rainbow of healthiness, no less. An encompassing of pink and all its friends, from Eat Local Grown: Rainbow Whole Fruit Popsicles. Be gentle with this popsicle, it’s pink really. Just pink that is trying really, really hard to be red and almost succeeds.

Before this Roundup leaves in search of a bed and a hangover cure, here is a little something to balance out the booze. From Gourmande In The Kitchen: Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade. The pictures alone are mouth-watering. So roll up those sleeves one more time and sink into pink with this delicious drink.

Until next time, Persephoneers!

By Juniper

Rarely to be found without herbal tea nearby. Team Unicorn. Often in pyjamas. Also: TEAM KATNISS!

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