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This Weekend Open Thread Finally Cleaned

It’s so much less horrifying to be in my room right now.

My bedroom was, until earlier this week, an absolute disaster. The rest of my apartment had basically come together with the efforts of my new roommate after my old one and her inability to wash a dish left, but between school and a back injury my own space was a hellhole. But I was feeling better, so I tackled it (yes, Rachel, I did my 20/10s), and it’s just so much nicer to be in here (which I am, a lot, because schoolwork-induced lack of a social life).

What’s been good in your life this past week?

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I’m going to be an Auntie :). It’ll be a bit rough-the pregnancy of another sibling ended…poorly…about six months ago, so there are many emotions, but we’re going to focus on excited for this sibling (balanced with care for other sibling).

But overall excited that I get to be the aunt that introduces Future Niece/Nephew to slightly inappropriate books! And also SO happy that I don’t have to deal with certain overbearing relatives who are apparently already asking overly personal questions (also some Schadenfreude, there, this being a younger sister and all).

I am down to my final 5 days of medical school. Everything else is crap right now. But in 5 more days I’ll be done with all the work and exams and hoops that I’ve been trying to accomplish since I was a little girl. And that makes it the best week ever. Until next week when I’m actually done.

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