We Vibe It: Nexus, Jr and The Mistress

My sexuality and exploration of my awesome new body has continued to change over the course of my HRT. I have discovered a lot of new tricks to my new areas, and I have also found that certain things that I didn’t like before have become huge likes for me. It has been about a year since my last We Vibe It post, so I figured it was time to discuss some more awesome sex toys. 

Since I live in Seattle, I continue to frequent Babeland. I am not quite as frequent as my friend who has been the Mayor of Foursquare there a few different times, but I am frequent enough.

I again used some of Uncle Sam’s tax money to purchase the Mistress dildo, which for my tastes had the perfect length and girth. It was a fun experience as AJ, the store manager, helped me figure out which one I needed. They cleared off a small space where I could put the ones I might want. They then talked to me about all the different ones and I finally decided on the Mistress.

It has been a great choice. It fits perfectly into the harness we had bought a few years prior. The best part, honestly, is the actual sex. It provides the right amount of stimulation and awesomeness for me. I would highly recommend it as a good starting dildo or an anal play specific dildo because it isn’t terribly large.

The second purchase from Babeland came a few weeks back. Carolina and I had discussed getting a Feeldoe or something similar for shower play because our harness would not survive the amount of water repeated showers would use. I settled on the Nexus Jr. because the price was a little bit cheaper than the actual Feeldoe and was made by the same company that made the Mistress. It also provided the same amount of girth and length on the one end that the Mistress does, which I think that really sealed the deal.

While we have both enjoyed using it on one occasion, we have not tried it in the shower yet. It definitely is in need of a harness. I think with massive kegels you could use it without a harness. We will definitely be investing in one of the harnesses it can fit into, which Babeland conveniently lists on their website.

Vixen Creations made both the Mistress and the Nexus, Jr. I feel they are both super high quality silicone toys and I probably think I would purchase a lot from their company just based on the two I have used.

It is a brave new world for my body and me. I am loving every minute of it. Carolina, too, has pretty much loved every minute we have spent exploring together.

I implore you dear reader, if you want to purchase sex toys please buy from a sex positive feminist store like Babeland, Good Vibrations, or She Bop. They take the time to actually creative a positive atmosphere for women. They also help educate the masses on correct uses for hundreds of toys.

By Alyson

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