Weekly Anime Review

Not much this week, only Fafner had a new episode before the spring season start, but there’s a lot of stuff coming this spring.

Fafner Exodus, Ep 13

Looks like this is split course, or maybe not, this is all so confusing. No idea when the rest are going to show up, some places show the next episode to be next week, but others don’t.

On D Island, Canon and Sakura take on the battlefield with their own new powers. Sakura goes out with the unmanned Troopers and ends up with a replication power. Downside, she goes through all sort of different emotional state all at the same time. Freaky. Kenji actually wanted hers to be turned off, but that didn’t happen. On her side, Canon gets the most overpowered power of all: far-seeing. She can now see the future and basically knows in advance what is going to happen. Downside, she gets visions outside of her Fafner and it can be somewhat freaky.

Sakura and her troopers
This is not Argevollen…

Maya, Akira, and Hiroto are now the only people without complementary powers. I suspect Akira and Hiroto are going to die at this point, Maya is the third wheel of the main characters, so I doubt she’s going to beat it before the end. There is also a lot of foreshadowing about her, like the Checkhov’s gun she was given (Michio’s fun).

We also had some human side stuff. Looks like the NUN (Neo U.N.) wants to stop the people on the exodus to link up with D Island. I’m starting to wonder if the secretary is an evil-Festum at this point. She’s apparently getting erratic on top of it. Otherwise, it’s just another one of Maya’s father’s bad idea.

I also ended up watching the first season of the show. It was quite interesting. It actually makes me wonder about Maya at this point. I get the impression there is something fishy there and the preview narration that always end with “Are you there?” in the first season is creepy as hell. That’s the Festum’s tag line.

Spring Animes

The 2nd course animes:

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Work Part 2 (CR) : I hope it as great as the first part was.

Knights of Sidonia season 2: Same as above.

The new stuff

Ghost in the Shell Arise (only 8 episodes): This is a series of OVA released in the last few years turned into a TV series with enhanced material. I’m not exactly a fan of the major new look, but this happens before she joins the division and she is technically younger, so I let it pass.

Kekkai Sensen: This is basically supernatural sci-fi with New York as background. The animation looked good and the synopsis of someone wanting to destroy the crazy place is not bad.

Arslan Senki (funimation): Historical anime (sorta) based on a novel released in 1986. From the previews, it doesn’t look bad, but I’ve seen some people claim it was fanserviced, so it might end up a bad adaptation and crap. We will see.

Owari no Seraph (funimation): Vampires control the world and a few people are fighting against them. At least that’s how I understand the synopsis.

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