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So, second week of the new season and I got to watch the first episode of Knights of Sidonia, and it was awesome. Fate/Stay Night and Arisa had their moments, too, and Arslan Senki was much better as well. Only Kekkei Sensen and Owari no Seraph were so-so; they get one more episode to wow me before I drop them.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade work ep 14

This episode was split into three segments. The first one was a bit of background on Caster, Medea the Princess of Colchis. She actually got rid of her original master and was found by the teacher who basically saved her because she was running out of mana. Her wish is to see her homeland again.

The second part was Shirou and Rin making their plans. They decided to go see Illya and join up with her and Berserker. The reason for that is because Rin has a god idea where she is hiding because her father told her about the mansion outside of the city. Archer also told Rin that Berserker was probably Heracles and he should know Medea. They apparently don’t get along.

Unfortunately for them, while on their way to see Illya and falling on her traps in the forest, Shinji and Gilgamesh showed up. He doesn’t even hide Gate of Babylon. He used it to kill servants, that’s like overkill actually. Looks like next episode is going to be Berseker vs. Gilgamesh with Rin and Shirou stumbling on the fight.

Knights of Sidonia season 2 ep 01

So pretty and super creepy, just like the first season.

Looks like Kunato is gone, crazy scientist Ochai took over his body and had some of his pet bugs take over his sister or whoever that little girl was. He also stole the gauna placenta Sidonia was keeping sealed and made a living Gardes. It speaks and looks like a woman wearing a dress.

The New Deadly Pink Ballerina
The New Deadly Pink Ballerina

With a kiddo voice, super creepy. There wasn’t much anything else in this episode outside of Nagate being totally clueless as usual of Izana’s feelings. *sad face* If he goes for the monster I won’t know what to think.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise ep 02

The Logicomas aren’t as cool as the Tatchikomas. Might just be because I much prefer blue over red.

So, Tin Girl infected mister ex-detective and he runs away from Unit 501. Looks like the whole thing in the first episode was to hide a single murder in the building that was doing the political presentation.

Tin Girl is also the host to another hacker called Scarecrow. See a trend? We are so into Wizard of Oz right now. There was even talk about lions. So that hacker Scarecrow, he was hired by the Intelligence Officer who requested to get the girl in the first episode. Looks like besides wanting to start a war, she also wants to shoot down the 501 Unit and Section 9 might be playing along.

Oh and Tin Girl and Scarecrow copied themselves into a big military robot and the war-lover Intelligence Officer had a little accident, which means she really want to spill the beans about the whole thing now.

This episode went by so fast that I’m not sure I totally understand what happened though and the next episode is going to be the first OVA, so it’s going to be a kind of flashback, I guess.

Kekkai Sensen ep 02

The opening and ending songs are pretty good, but I’m still unsure about the rest of the show. It’s just plain weird and feels very much “monster of the week” without much substance.

The monkey has a name now: Sonic. He’s totally adorable, although Zapp is annoying. The rest of the cast is fine, although that end of episode ghost might end up being annoying by haunting Leonard around.

I don't get this at all
My reaction after that scene too.

Arslan Senki ep 02

Three years skipped and Arslan is now 14 years old and he is going to participate in his maiden battle. The evil worshipers from the first episode are back with a vengeance and a better battle strategy.

Of course you can expect that he saw the trap before everyone else and that his father, who already doesn’t seem to care much about him, doesn’t want to listen about it and decides to charge, in a fog, on a plain without knowing much about his enemy. The end result is the cavalry dropping down in a hole full of oil. I don’t think I need to explain what happened next.

Arslan survived, though, and even killed his first man. He also found out that Kharlan was a traitor and probably set up everything for the invaders. Dayrun might have showed up at the right time to save his prince.

This was a good episode, but that opening song is bad. Doesn’t fit the theme of the show at all.

Owari no Seraph ep 02

So four years have passed since Yu made it to the “upper-world” and joined the rest of humanity with their charming army called the Japanese Human Demon army.

With a name like Demons I can’t really believe that they aren’t super nice people, especially when they say then want to rule the world. Something feels off. They also fight all sort of weird monsters that started to show up after the plague that killed 9/10ths of all humanity.

In this episode, the head of the Anti-Vampire division, Guren, require Yu to make a friend before allowing him to join his military division. The episode is mostly about that. His new friend is called Yoichi and he is basically a Mika expy. He also has a military person watching him called Shiona.

It was a bit of a boring episode despite going by fast.

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