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Things are moving along this week. Knights of Sidonia‘s opening song is growing on me. Fate/Stay Night had 20 minutes of battle and it didn’t feel boring. Ghost in the Shell was less “what the hell is going on.” Kekkai Sensen and Owari no Seraph are close to be being dropped, but Arslan Senki is going to stay with the rest.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 15

The entire episode was Gilgamesh vs. Berserker with lots of Illya flashbacks.

Illya didn’t take very well to her family’s duties (being homunculus that exists solely to birth the Grail). She was annoyed by Berserker, but she ended up liking him a lot. He was kind of her surrogate father, I guess.

Now despite being defeated (it was a long fight, but Berserker never went on the assault, he just defended), I can’t really believe she is dead. She hasn’t had a chat with her brother Shirou yet. Speaking of Shirou, he is an idiot and that’s why he took one of Gil’s sword “into the face.”

Knights of Sidonia, Season 2, Ep 02

So the chimera, that’s the new ballerina girl Gauna that kills Gaunas, has a thing for Tanikaze. Although, Izana is all, “that’s Hoshishiro’s voice and I wonder if Tanikaze realized it” internally. She’s too bright for her own good, just like her grandmother (who I believe appeared for the first time without her helmet in this episode).

Gauna chimera's head
She’s cute and creepy at the same time.

I’m not sure if the Captain is aware that Kunato is not Kunato anymore. The other elders want to get rid of her, they don’t want the Chimera around. Unfortunately for them, they died before that could happen.

Knight of Sidonia continues to be Izana’s suffering, too. Poor Izana.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise, Ep 03

Kusinagi before joining Section 9. Well, more like everyone before joining Section 9, except for the old man. We get to meet everyone on their old jobs, all tackling the same case from different angle. Kusinagi’s superior in Unit 501 was murdered and accused of corruption post-death. From the look of things, this is a setup with a lot of tendrils everywhere.

Looks like someone in the army got the guy killed, but we don’t know why yet. Going by one name come over from the previous episode, I guess it has something to do with the water/weapon deal thing. They also appear to be a trail blaming Kusinagi for it.

Also, I just realized that Unit 501 is almost a Star Wars reference, there is a 501st Legion in Star Wars.

Kekkai Sensen, Ep 03

What kind of place has buildings without walls? The place where Leonard used to live in. It became a first-rate hotel after an “idol” showed up right beside it. Looks like an “idol” is some sort of huge monster. He refused a raise to keep his room, so he now sleeps at the Libra HQ.

Looks like the invisible werewolf can actually speak. I think it’s the first time she’s said anything since the first episode. And Zapp is a moron still, I guess he never learns anything.

The direction is still all over the place. There is some “miraculous drug” plot and a “weird board game” one going at the same time. There is an alterworld boss that loves playing Prosfair (the weird game) and he does what could be miracles if his opponent can entertain him long enough. There was some Russian dude that had to entertain him for 10 hours and failed. Klaus had to do it for 99 hours.

Arslan Senki, Ep 03

So much drama this episode.

The bad guys, or Lusitania, for a proper term for them, have a guest general who hates Andragoras, the king of Pars and Arslan’s father. Said general will be called Masked Man from now on. He hates the kings, and he hates him even more after being asked, “who are you?” It appears that there is some history and Masked Man doesn’t like to be forgotten. He also said for 16 years, which happens to be close to Arslan’s age.

Lord Silver Mask
Every show needs a Masked Man

Pars’s army that was crushed by Daryun was able to save Arslan. Kharlan’s plan was basically flawless. Get the King to retreat and place a mole so the order to retreat never reaches anyone. Instead, they got the rumor that the King fled spread everywhere and were able to see the morale of the troops fall apart.

Fifty-three thousand dead cavalrymen and 74,000 dead footmen vs. 50,000 dead for the invaders. Ouch. Interesting thing, Lusitania’s people have rather French names and look like they came from right out of the Crusade, I’m wondering if they are. In a weird way.

Without a safe way to return to the Capital, Daryun brings Arslan to his friend Narsus. A former lord, who once stopped an invasion with words and not an army. Pars’s King removed his title for it. He should get along fine with Arslan.

Owari no Seraph, Ep 03

So the “human school” is actually a trap so the Demon army can find prospects that won’t fall to demon influence. See, the only way to kill Vampires is to make a contract with a demon to get a demon infused weapon. So charming.

Of course, some idiots almost get eaten by the “demon under the school” and MC saves his ass and defeats the demon all by mental self. It was kind of boring. Especially with all of Shiona’s info dump.

We also got to see vamp-Mika (spoiled by the opening and ending) at the end and it seems the next episode is centered on him, which might be more interesting.

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