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Ask UfYH: Sometimes You Have to Do Shit You Don’t Want to Do

Excuses may be boring, people, but I hear them all the time. And while we’ve talked a little bit about excuses vs. reasons, I do have to say that the most obnoxious excuse is also the most frequent: “I have things I’d rather do besides clean.”

Real talk: sometimes you have to do shit you don’t want to do. 

Sometimes, there’s shit you don’t want to do that you don’t have to do, like various social obligations and whatnot. But you do, at some point, have to wash a dish or do a load of laundry or take the garbage out. Why?

Image of Mallory Archer from animated series, read "Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants."
Among other reasons.

Sometimes, you need to clean. It sucks; no one’s disputing that. But you have to do it, and if your only excuse for not doing it (remember: excuse, not reason) is that you’d rather be watching TV or going for a bike ride or reading a book, well then, I’d like to welcome you to the wide, wonderful world of “You’re an adult and sometimes that sucks.” I definitely have things I’d rather do than go to work most days (like step on a hive full of angry bees, for example), but the point remains that I need to go to work. Just like we all need to clean up a little from time to time.

If you have reasons that make cleaning difficult, like a chronic illness, chronic pain, disability, or mental illness, that’s one thing. That’s something to work around or within. If you’re fully able to but just don’t want to? Well, not to be a giant bag of dicks here, but that’s the most boring excuse I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard them all. Part of the give and take of being an adult in society is that we have things we have to do before we can do the things we want to do. Usually, those “have to do”s aren’t fun. They suck. So just get them over with so you can move on to the things you want to do.

Trust me. Life is far more enjoyable once you’ve done what you need to and it’s over and done with for the time being. Don’t prolong the misery (or worse, pass it on to someone else) by ignoring your responsibilities for the fun stuff.

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