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If you’re in the U.S., it’s Memorial Day as you read this, so I hope that you’re having a fun and relaxing day (if you’re off), or that work is easy and your customers nice (if you’re not). Here’s the news.

Now that Ireland has become the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote (go Irish!), Vietnam has emerged as the leader for LGBT rights in Southeast Asia.

In a story that makes you want to burn the world down, an estimated 3000 children from Vietnam have been trafficked to Great Britain to work in cannabis factories, nail salons, private homes, garment factories and brothels.

China’s mission to the U.N. has a Twitter account and it follows Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, but it doesn’t follow U.S. ambassador Samantha Power.

The Myanmar government has rescued two boats near the border of Bangladesh. The government has been criticized for not rescuing refugees stranded at sea. Most of those rescued are Rohingya Muslims, who are fleeing persecution in Myanmar.

The governments of Myanmar, Bangladesh have agreed to offer temporary shelter to 7000 refugeesĀ and Thailand has agreed to not “push out boats filled with refugees from their waters.”

Pakistani authorities have charged 106 people with the killing of a Christian couple.

A new deal between Afghanistan and Pakistan is causing controversy.

A Chinese university denied espionage charges against several of its staff after the U.S. accused them of stealing military technology.

Women activists have crossed the border between North and South Korea. The march was lead by Gloria Steinmen and included South Korean activists and symbolized bridging the gap between the two countries. Many criticized the march as ignoring the human rights abuses of North Korea.

Also, speaking of North Korea, they now claim that they can miniaturize nuclear warheads to fit on a missile.

Finally, I have been missing my days living in South Korea something fierce and was reminded how my students used to beg me to play them music videos by their favorite Kpop artists (the faves changed weekly). So have some Shinee for your Monday.

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