PoC News in America: Baltimore Uprising Edition

This week in PoC News, we stand with Baltimore and the many solidarity marches across the nation highlighting the centuries of violence against black people in the U.S.

Since this has been a dramatic week with quick action by protesters, community organizers and finally even political leaders and legislators, we bring you the writings and work of people who are witnessing this collective call to action firsthand. In many of these news stories, activists and community organizers are speaking candidly to the media, challenging the reporting of events and making sure their voices are being heard, as I’m sure lessons have been learned, and frustrations have been mounting since the events of Ferguson, Florida, Staten Island, and everywhere else we are losing black lives to police violence. As Morgan Freeman would say, “Fuck the Media.”

Baltimore Uprising

  • Exclusive look inside the Freddie Gray investigation | Baltimore Sun
  • The man who filmed the Freddie Gray video has been arrested at gunpoint | The Independent
  • Baltimore Teen Encouraged by Parents to Turn Himself in Is Held on $500,000 Bail, Faces Life in Prison | The Root
  • Here Are 10 Of The Most Striking Images From The Events In Baltimore | Uproxx
  • Mom Who Dragged Son Out of Baltimore Protest: “I Don’t Want Him to Be a Freddie Gray” | The Root
  • Baltimore Residents Take Charge of Cleanup Efforts Across the City | The Root
  • The Day After | Justice for Mike Brown on Tumblr
  • The Baltimore Police have released an open letter to Marilyn Mosby | Twitter
  • All six officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death released on bail | Baltimore Sun

Cultures of Poverty & a History of Violence

  • There Is Truth Behind the Anger in Baltimore | The Root 
  • Baltimore Unrest Reveals Tensions Between African-Americans And Asians | NPR
  • Orioles Executive on Baltimore Unrest: It’s Inequality, Stupid | MotherJones
  • Buck Showalter’s advice to young black men of Baltimore  | YouTube
  • Baltimore’s real, untelevised revolution | Baltimore Sun
  • Why Blacks Running From Cops Is Entirely Logical — and So Common | AlterNet
  • Why Poor and Violent Equals Black: Or How the Media Distorts Our Perception of Black America | Brooklyn Magazine
  • Baltimore Councilman to CNN Host: “Just Call Them N–gers” | The Root
  • We’ve Been Here Before: Charges Don’t Guarantee Conviction | The Root

Activism, Solidarity, & Support

  • How One West Baltimore Principal Helps Her Students Make Sense Of It All | NPR
  • Protesters gather in New York after Baltimore death | Boston Globe
  • Ethiopian Israelis protest anti-black police violence | Tumblr
  • Solidarity with #BaltimoreUprising from Greece, Sweden, UK, Spain | Tumblr
  • Oakland. May 2. | Tumblr
  • Feministing Jamz: “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” – Joy Postell | Feministing
  • When White People Tell Each Other to “Be Safe” During an Uprising | Feministing

On Media Coverage

In case this roundup on the current events in Baltimore and the history of unrest that led to these protests wasn’t enough, you can continue reading about “Baltimore and Black Lives Matter” over at Flavorwire. Remember that even though Baltimore is fighting and standing strong, that doesn’t mean that violence against black people is close to being over.

All power to the revolution.

By Karishma

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