Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Totally ’90s Edition

I fell down the rabbit hole this week and got sucked back into a time of gigapets and AOL. A time where it took us an hour to download one single scene of porn. That’s right I got sucked back into the ’90s. With the announcement of more music by Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan buying a wrestling promotion, it seems the ’90s were poised to suck me back in at some point.

I’ve written extensively about some of my favorite bands to come out of that era including Sleater-Kinney, Nirvana, and Sunny Day Real Estate and I kind of just wanted to make a list of some lesser known songs that I really enjoy.

1. “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms

I realize it’s not a complete unknown but this might be the best pop song written in the ’90s. I think the Gin Blossoms are severely underrated and the tragic death of their lead guitar player and co-songwriter might have led to them not having this meteoric rise to fame that they probably deserved. “Hey Jealousy” was written by that guitar player.

2. “You” by Candlebox

Candlebox deserves our respect. They got caught up in the scramble to sign every single Seattle band post Nevermind. Reading Everybody Loves Our Town, what really stuck out was how a lot of post “grunge” bands were maligned by people in Seattle. Candlebox made good music. They deserved to be signed. They might have gotten a record deal way too early in their career and this probably caused a lot of the issues. They knew they weren’t Nirvana or Pearl Jam, they didn’t want to be. They didn’t sound grungey either. The book really has expressed a lot of thoughts I have had about grunge over the years. Namely, that grunge isn’t really a genre. It seems like it was just a catch-all to throw every band coming from Seattle into one category.

3. “Seether” by Veruca Salt

When they reunited, I started listening to them again. I forgot how good they are. It also washed away the bad memories I had of American Hi-Fi.

4. “I Do” by Lisa Loeb

One of the first signs I had a thing for women in cute glasses. I was obsessed with Lisa Loeb. I still am. Come back Lisa!

5. “Low” by Cracker

Always heard this song at karaoke before I really remembered looking it up a few years back. I just found out the lead singer is the same lead singer from Camper Van Beethoven, who I absolutely love. Thanks Wikipedia!

6. “Driveway to Driveway” by Superchunk

Off of Foolish, this song remains one of my favorite by them. It hits every reason why I love Superchunk. The video was directed by Peyton Reed, who directed Marvel’s Ant Man, premiering this summer.

7. “ATliens” by OutKast

Underrated album and a classic song by the hip-hop duo.

8. “Liquid Swords” by GZA

Another classic title track from a Wu-Tang Clan member. I have always enjoyed Liquid Swords. The creepy kid intro has always sealed it for me.

9. “Sluttering (May 4th)” by Jawbreaker

I realize I have written about Jawbreaker before, but I just had to include this song since May 4th just passed us by. Also, this is off their much hated but really amazing last album, Dear You. It seems to be divisive among punk fans, but Dear You is finally gaining the recognition it deserved when it first came out.

10. “I am a Scientist” by Guided by Voices

Guided By Voices are one of the most prolific musical groups of the ’90s. Robert Pollard is a music genius, so I understand why he has such a huge body of work. I have always enjoyed this song.

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