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We’ve got a bit more news than usual this week since Sara’s on vacation, plus lots of other interesting things to read and watch. 


A man slashed a woman’s arm in a NYC subway station after she refused to engage in conversation with him and laughed when he spit on her. Kinda proves the old point that men’s worst fear is women laughing at them, while women fear men killing them. (She’s ok, thank goodness.)

A Florida woman used the Pizza Hut app to report that she and her three children were being held at knifepoint by her boyfriend. People complain about technology, but it’s pretty damn magic sometimes.

Satanists are arguing that mandatory waiting periods to get abortions violate their religious beliefs. I love trolling that exposes hypocrisy!

At least 50 tornadoes touched down in the central US on Wednesday, with more strong storms in the forecast hampering cleanup efforts.

About 200 of the women and girls recently rescued from Boko Haram are visibly pregnant, and more are likely pregnant as well, but not showing yet.

Imani Gandy argues that black protesters are patriots, not thugs.

Stephen Colbert announced he’s going to fund every single DonorsChoose project currently posted by South Carolina teachers. Dawwww.

Feminism & Society

Some of the reasons one writer identifies as feminist, even though she’d rather not have to.

A high school girl got kicked out of prom for wearing a “revealing” dress that had fucking long sleeves and was floor-length. Because she had “more boobs than other girls.” (I only see two! And it’s not like she can take them off for the night.)

Bud Light’s new ad campaign is seriously fucked up. No means no, assholes.

Seven suffragettes you may not be familiar with.

Some men were asked what qualities they want their (theoretical) wives and adult daughters to have. Their answers were pretty damn contradictory, as if wives aren’t also daughters and some daughters won’t become wives.

Twitter MRAs continue to be the absolute worst with #HowToSpotAFeminist. (TW everything. Not even exaggerating.)

That study that claimed to find a correlation between racism and black mortality rates based on Google searches for the N-word? It’s not all that methodologically sound.

A new study found that younger workers value work-life balance more than older bosses, who are disproportionately likely to have a partner taking care of the home front and therefore can’t relate.

Mara Wilson talks about mental illness and anxiety for Project UROK.

Graphic designer Emily McDowell made an amazing line of empathy cards with the sentiments she wished people had expressed when she had cancer.

Related, what not to say to a friend who’s having a mastectomy due to (current or potential) breast cancer.

Nick Loeb’s gross New York Times op-ed wasn’t a pro-life argument so much as an attempt at abusive reproductive coercion of Sofia Vergara.

Reductress mocked transphobes who are freaked out about trans women using women’s restrooms. (If you have time, just check out their home page; they have a bunch of good stuff up right now.)

Truly terrible sex advice that some people apparently believe.

Pop Culture

Recapping the full 28-hour Marvel movie marathon.

Duolingo is working on a Klingon language tutorial, to the delight of Trekkies and the dismay of people who want more (any!) non-European options.

Essence discusses how the most recent episode of black-ish dealt with black homophobia.


Yet more proof that vaccines have no damned influence on autism, along with other things we really ought to be focusing on instead of flogging this stupid theory over and over.

Related, rubella has been eliminated in the Americas. Thanks, MMR vaccine!

And here’s evidence that the HPV vaccine protects against more than just cancer.

Why you should counter-protest the March Against Monsanto.

How color film was calibrated to color balance white skin, which led to all kinds of work-arounds to photograph PoC.

Fuck the pollen tsunami.

Lastly, let’s chill out with some amazing aerial footage shot in Antarctica. Icebergs! Whales! Soooo pretty.

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