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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladework ep 17

There were two battles in this episode.

The first one was Archer versus Lancer. We learn that Lancer was holding back his power in their first fight. His master told him to not die and not to kill any opponents. Still this fight wasn’t that long. Lancer ended up using his phantasm, but Archer mostly deflected it using Rho Aias, Ajax’s mythical shield. At that point he and Lancer had a little chat that resulted in Lancer walking away because Archer’s real goal is Caster’s defeat.

The other fight was Shirou and Rin versus Caster and her Master. The kids were totally outmatched and while Rin’s plan was good, she failed to execute it to the end. She’s not a good martial artist. The plan was to blind Caster and then punch her while Shirou is busy with her master. Archer ended up killing Caster and out of “I need to finish what I started” sentiment, her master also got killed by Archer.

At that moment, Archer trapped Rin in swords and went for the kill. His plan was always to kill Shirou, after all, and now he is free of his master to do so. Although, Saber is free so it’s not going to be easy.

Knights of Sidonia season 2 ep 04

This was a tense battle.

Tsumigi went berserk and didn’t listen to her orders. End result, Izana almost died trying to stop her. The good news is that actually made her return to her senses and she accepted having to retreat, bringing Izana with her back to Sidonia.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Gardes took down the Gaunas. That barrage attack was somewhat efficient, although they really need to teach the pilots to shoot. Only Tanikaze seems to have a high shoot-to-hit ratio. They might have enough ammunition; it still looks like a waste to me.

Once the waves were taken care of, the big thingy tried to turn into a Higgs cannon to destroy Sidonia. The first shot was deviated by the chimera, the second blew up inside exposing the core and allowing the Gardes to destroy it. The Chimera didn’t look that good at the end, nor did Izana for that matter.

The Chimera and Izana
If we ignore the context this is somewhat romantic…

Ghost In the Shell: Arise ep 05

So this is a follow-up from the previous episode; continuity at last.

Someone infiltrated a Logichoma and uploaded some secret code into it. Section 9 leader hired the Major to investigate and, once again, told her to get a team. She said she was the team. She’s a bit arrogant, isn’t she?

Anyway, she was bringing the Logichoma to a civilian facility to probe it, but she was actually doing that live while driving. At that point, the entire road control system was taken over. In that time period that included cars accelerating and stopping by themselves. The person responsible is the Colonel convicted of war crimes. The episode doesn’t lose time saying he was a scapegoat though.

He was also at the head of the 78th battalion, which included quite a few recognizable faces, it looks like, including Batou. The Major recruited one of the guys who refused to participate in the operation; he’s called Boma. She also recruited Paz from the previous episode; well, he volunteered, at which point Boma told him he was crazy. On top of that, an American special forces showed up saying she was there to pick the stuff back. The show doesn’t hide she’s a traitor even if she haven’t betrayed anyone yet.

Next episode should be interesting, I doubt the Major is getting fooled by the pretty lady.

Kekkai Sensen ep 05


A dude with blood that is self-sentient… his blood even has a name: Deldro.


Also, there is a Queen of the Monomania called Aligura. She is super creepy. Reminds me of Harley Quinn in Batman, but with pink hair. Looks like Deldro was her boyfriend. He was an ugly-looking psycho, but she found a pretty boy, so she merged them together. The show explained the process as making ketchup and filling a can with it.

Charming lady.

The group plus the (ex-)boyfriend stopped her rampage on a colossal metal truck that was destroying everything on its path. The point of the story was love though, it seems like Leo made a girlfriend now.

Arslan Senki ep 05

So it’s settled. Narsus is joining Daryun and Arslan. He wanted to drop Elam to a friend, but after Arslan pointed out that he was the only one who could cook… he was allowed to stay. Men always think with their stomachs.

Lutsania is really just a bunch of crazy religious lunatics, isn’t it? They tortured someone just to scare off the Capital soldiers. It didn’t work too well, though; he asked to be killed by an arrow from a friend instead and someone exhausted his prayer. That person, called Gieve, was brought to the Queen for a reward. He is a total stereotype of a bard, a ladies’ man who can play the flute as well as the sword. Going by the opening and ending generic, he’s a future companion of Arslan.

Lutsiana's Clone Army
Lutsiana has a Clone Army!

Why are slaves bad? They are bad because when mistreated they will rebel and open the gates of your city to invaders. Narsus is really a genius, though; he guessed all that while sitting in a cave.

Owari no Seraph ep 05

Hmm, the vampires are not the only ones with politics. The Japanese Demon Army does as well. The Ichinose, as in Ichinose Guren Yuu’s boss, are at the bottom of the hierarchy. The Hiiragi are the family in charge.

Yuu is still a moron. That hasn’t changed; I bet it never will change either. He also got a 0 on his exam. Kind of understandable with the lack of school among the Vampires, where English and Latin are more important.

This episode could have been faster, there was a lot of “useless walking,” hopefully the next one has less filler.

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