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Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladework ep 18

Gilgamesh speaks “English”? He must have taken courses over the last ten years.

Anyway, this episode was mostly to show a tiny bits of Unlimited Bladework and Archer’s background. The fact that he used to be a mage in life and who he was. Heroic Spirits can be called from any ages, and Archer is from the future.

Rin made a deal with Saber, she’s now her Master. That was necessary, because otherwise Saber was going to deplete all her energy and fade away fighting Archer.

Gilgamesh and Shinji seem to have nasty plans, so that’s probably our ending fight. But first, Shirou, Saber and Lancer needs to save Rin from Archer. Strangely, this second part has been all about saving kidnapped people.

Knights of Sidonia season 2 ep 05

This was a slower episode than last week.

First, is it me or does Sumari, the Gardes Commander, look a bit like the Captain of Sidonia? I bet she’s a clone, just like Izana is a clone of her grandma.

Second, there was a lot of abuse toward men this episode. Some unintended but still. There was also lots of cuteness, so I guess it balances itself out.

Izana, Tsumugi and Nagate looking at the residential sector
Cuteness overload

Third, Izana had to have an amputation, and because cloning limbs takes a long time she went with prosthetic over her grandma’s advice. She now has a bionic arm and leg. Tsumugi had 99% of her placenta destroyed, but she recovered all of it now. She was also moved to a less protected and more lonely part of the ship. Looks like they might “mass produce” Chimera now. Despite how cute Tsumugi is, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

Fourth, next episode is the big attack planned a few episodes back. Looks like the captain has some plan because nobody thinks they can actually do it.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise ep 06

Well the Major got played by the spy. OK, I guess that she doesn’t have my genre savvy to protect her judgment.

Batou made a run for it with the module, but the whole thing ended up being a lie from the Defense vice-minister. He was using the Colonel, Soga, to get all the data in Pandora so he could sell it later and leave the country like the criminal that he is. He won’t get to do that now.

The Major recruited the Batou, Borma and Ishkawa to her team. All three were infected, along with Soga, with false memories of what happened in Qardistan to make the bad guy’s plan work. Although, there is still something about all of it. Next episode will have the last member of the team’s “recruitment.” The question is, will the Major shoot him or not? She’s 5 for 5 so far.

Kekkai Sensen ep 06

Looks like the first sub I watched had a name error. New York is now called Hellsalem’s lot, not Jerusalem’s lot.

I’m going to say it like this, man the fake American stuff in the show is amazing. Ron Jomita Jr., lol (comic artist by John Romita Jr.). There were some old songs in earlier episodes too.

This episode was all about friendship, burgers, discrimination and mushroom spores that cause people to forget what happened. The ending was interesting, the ghost is called White and her brother calls himself Black.

A picture of a young boy and a creature eating sandwiches.
Burgers, burgers everywhere.

Arslan Senki ep 06

And thus the Capital of Pars fell.

Silver Mask is starting to annoy me. He’s going on about justice and crap, but he’s not a good guy at all. He strangled a lady-in-waiting simply because she was useless to him. The girl did nothing, the girl knew nothing, the girl was nothing, and now she is dead. I guess that makes me like Gieves a lot more, I never was a fan of the “rogue,” but he started a fight with Silver Mask just because he killed a beauty.

The rest of the episode was screaming and people dying. There was a bit of Narsus and Daryun talking strategy. Looks like they are going after Kharlan once he comes back from the siege at the capital. This should be interesting, maybe at some point we will learn the reasons why he defected. One thing is certain: the Queen doesn’t care one bit about Arslan. She didn’t even ask about him. Maybe he is a bastard?

Owari no Seraph ep 06

The Trio got their cursed gear. We didn’t see much of Shihou’s struggle and Yu’s was basically a rework of the last time he defeated a demon. Yoichi had more issues. He’s too nice, he didn’t even fight back when the demon took over him.

Of course, he snapped out of it at some point. That point being when he realized he wanted to protect everyone, which happens to be Yu’s wish too.

The episode ended with Guren saying they were going to the front line to investigate a potential Vampire attack. They are trying to retake Shinjuku.

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