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Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works ep 19

There was a lot of talking this episode. It was all about Archer’s background and him being Shirou’s wrapped ideal. There was also a bit of Lancer, Rin, Shinji and Kirei. Yep, the fake-priest showed his face, finally.

There wasn’t that much interesting that happened, except for the fact that Kirei wants Rin to become the Grail and asked Lancer to kill her… Lancer refuses and gets commanded to kill himself by his master (Kirei). Shinji had a O_O face all episode long, except for the very creepy interaction with Rin at the start.

The episode ended with Archer and Shirou starting to fight with Saber watching. Hopefully, Rin calls Saber up real fast soon.

Knights of Sidonia season 2 ep 06

Well, another down time episode, I guess. Izana and Tanikaze are now living together, but Tanikaze wanted some spot closer to Tsumugi so she didn’t want to go through all the pipes of the city to blow up Izana’s floor. Their new house is on the outer wall and looks a lot better than most of the stuff in the station. You apparently need special permission to live on the outer wall.

Tanikaze new house
Look at this house, it’s almost a castle.

We are also reminded that Tanizake is a pervert, first with Izana who is more like a bro than a girl to him and later with the lady in charge of the residence stuff. The rest of the episode was the Captain, Yure and Kunato working on a new weapon… and going by the preview it was a very bad idea.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise ep 07

The Major has a boyfriend? How did that happen? Well more like the 6th guy in 6 months, the boys find it kind of creepy, but Paz approves (he never sleeps twice with the same woman).

This is still before the first episode, going by someone showing up who died mid-way through episode one. The Major’s team is investigating some bombing at a political meeting. This is always about the Quardis stuff and water. Always water.

Lets get back to the boyfriend; it looks like he might not be a good guy. Hello cheap drama.

Kekkai Sensen ep 07

Hmm, so Black has an alter ego called Blank. He’s one of the 13th Kings and a Blood Breed, as discovered a few episode ago by Leo. His “normal” personality is really nice though and I get the feeling that he likes Leo, somewhat. He also has a “Great Collapse” plan.

The rest of the episode was Klaus fighting in a bare knuckles rings to “save” Zapp…from his debts. Not much to say here outside that the owned was a Blood Breed who know got a pretty good idea of Klaus’s fighting style. Stupid Zapp.

A blood breed
Blood Breed are made of blood, I guess that makes sense

Arslan Senki ep 07

Well, Lustania is full of creepy rapists, hypocrite slavers and a fat king. They don’t have anything to really look good except maybe the two generals and Guiscard, the king’s brother (who isn’t a lazy fat ass). Although, apparently in the novel the Innoventius VII is not a lazy fat ass.

Lustania didn’t free the slaves and, as expected, the slaves are not too happy. They are also burning villages, pillaging everyone, etc. Not really the way of making friends. On top of it, Guiscard seems to want to replace his brother and I expect internal turmoil real soon. We also got to see Étoile again (well, we got a name, a rather feminine name for a soldier too). He was looking for the slaves of three years ago, but found nothing. He got into a fight with Elam too… Elam disguised as a girl who was almost raped. Well, would have been raped if he wasn’t such a fine fighter I guess.

We also got some information about Queen Tahamenay. Looks like she has been through many hands. She first started as the wife of a Grand Vizier, but was taken by said Vizier’s ruler. Then pars king killing that ruler and took her as his wife. That king was Andragoras’s brother, who also died for Tahamenay to end up with Angragoras. With the number of husbands she’s had, Arslan might as well be the Vizier’s son at this point. Oh and Innoventius wants to wed her, too. Some men never learn.

We got to meet the female in the opening/ending sequences. Gieves meets her first. He is trying to woo her without much success (which is hilarious). She’s a fine fighter, a priestess for the Templar of Mithra called Farangis (and she’s voiced by the Major in Ghost in the Shell which is a bit weird). She is on a mission to meet Prince Arslan.

Owari no Seraph ep 07

How old is Shinoa? She said she was an adult, but she was still growing, using her dead sister as an example. Anyway, that’s not really important outside of the entire team being made of teenagers.

The Moon Company uses five-man companies, so someone was added to the boy with Shinoa as the lead. This episode is mostly about introducing that new character. A girl, who joined the vampire extermination squad at 13. She also caused the death of her team because of her “let’s save everyone attitude” which means she hates Yuu… and causes Shinoa to go all “and they fall in love.” She’s such a tease.

Outside of that not much happened.

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