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As always, here’s the weekly recap of the news both good and bad.

A summit in Bangkok has yet to comprehensively address the issue of the thousands of men, women and children forced out to sea off the coasts of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. (I’m also not wild about the New York Times headline, referring to those stranded as “boat people.)

Representatives from Myanmar have also said there should be no “finger pointing” because that wouldn’t be helpful. This conveniently ignores the fact that most of those trying to enter the borders of ASEAN nations are the Rohingya Muslims, who are fleeing persecution from the Buddhist majority in Myanmar.

Private contractors in Afghanistan outnumber U.S. troops, 3 to 1. Apparently, no one remembers something called Blackwater.

Oh and this is terrifying: a North Korean defector has warned that the nation’s hacker army of 6,000 could bring down critical infrastructure.

This comes out just as the top nuclear envoys from the U.S., South Korea and Japan agreed to increase pressure on North Korea in hopes of curtailing their nuclear program. Please excuse me while I just hum this all day:

South Korea is trying to contain the spread of the MERS virus.

LGBT activists and Christians are clashing over a planned Pride festival in Seoul.

China’s most wanted fugitive will face extradition from the United States. Yang Xiuzhu embezzled $40 million.

Some 1800 people have been killed because of a brutal heat wave affecting India.

Well if you ever need to shop for khaki pants, there are a few more places to get them. The GAP is opening up a store in Delhi with more to follow.

Pakistani women could be barred from voting in local elections if religious and some community leaders have their say. In news that doesn’t surprise anyone, the world is an awful place.

Oh and just to throw in more reasons of why I hate people: a Pew survey found that 60% of Americans are in favor of drone strikes overseas.

Officials in Malaysia have detained 12 policemen who were suspected of human trafficking in connection to a gravesite with over a hundred bodies.

We interrupt these news stories for a picture of my favorite puppy. I hope he makes you readers feel better.

Black and white pit bull lying on a messy bed.

Since the 24-hour news cycle has apparently forgotten what happened in Nepal, the UN has called for more aid to help in the rebuilding of the destruction made by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and its aftershocks.

Another 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck deep in the Pacific and caused buildings to sway in Tokyo. Thankfully, there seems that there is little risk of a tsunami, but seismologists have warned there could be another big one in the near future.

Miss Japan, who will represent the nation in the Miss Universe pageant, is fighting racial bias in a largely homogenous society. Ariana Miyamoto, whose mother is Japanese and father is African-American, is the first biracial representative for Japan in the pageant.

That’s it for this week! Have a good one!


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