News in Asia

I’ll be honest; the news this week makes me want to rage quit the world slightly more than usual. 

Eight out of the ten men who were arrested for the attempted murder of Malala Yousafzai have been “secretly” acquitted.

Some 51 child soldiers have been discharged from Myanmar’s army.

Hackers were able to obtain personnel records of employees in almost every government agency. The Chinese government is believed to have ordered the cyber attack, but they’ve officially denied it.

Nestlé is ordering a massive recall of Maggi noodles after excessive levels of lead were found in the products. Sidenote: Nestlé is a particularly heinous company anyway so avoid buying their products if you can.

The Thai government promised to continue its crackdown on human trafficking.

As a counterpoint, NPR has this story about the unintended consequences to sex workers when the Cambodian government shut down brothels in an attempt to stop trafficking. Trigger warning for the video for rape and violence.

The Afghan Taliban are facing a new threat: ISIS.

The number of polio cases in Pakistan has dropped by 70 percent.

South Korea is grappling with a MERS outbreak. An estimated 2,300 people are in quarantine and 1,300 are closed, mostly in Seoul and the surrounding region.

Finally, something I haven’t posted in a while: PANDA CAM! This one is from the San Diego Zoo.


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