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This week’s roundup is video heavy, so pause your Spotify playlist and let’s get to it.

The Root looks at why the GOP continues to avoid talking about race, despite tragedies like Charleston that clearly point to a nationwide race issue.

Speaking of Charleston, an NRA board member had some terrible things to say about the tragic events.

Tensions mount in the Dominican Republic as Haitian residents and Dominicans of Haitian descent are being forced out of their homes.

A while ago, we talked about some Rikers inmates who had been jailed or detained despite never being formally charged. This week, we have a man who has been waiting 7 years for his trial, after being imprisoned at 17.

Following the death of a detainee at the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona, 200 men launched a hunger strike.

Did you catch Madonna’s new video? Are you surprised that her new era continues her long history of cultural appropriation?

Need a final word on Rachel Dolezal? Let The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams sums that up for you.

Jessica Williams tries her hand at drama and makes up the supporting cast of People, Places and Things, starring Jemaine Clement and Regina Hall.

For socially and culturally conscious art criticism, try Colored Criticism.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is on Twitter.

Franchesca Ramsey’s newest episode of MTV’s Decoded asks if race affects dating.

Janet Jackson has new music everyone!

Lauryn Hill covered “Feeling Good” for the Nina Simone Netflix documentary and it’s everything you imagined.

You can hear the rest of her Nina Simone covers here.

Indie darling Wes Anderson makes lovely, brightly colored movies with very white casts. EGOT winner Whoopi Goldberg let Jason Schwartzman, longtime Wes Anderson collaborator, know that she’s available.

It’s because of the overwhelming whiteness of Hollywood that inspires Ava DuVernay to consciously define herself as a black woman filmmaker.

Flavorwire reminds us that we don’t need another white James Bond.

Did you enjoy The Spoils of Babylon? Well get ready for The Spoils Before Dying, starring Michael Kenneth Williams and Maya Rudolph.

The team behind Dear White People is working on a satirical, psychological horror movie.

Jurassic World reminded me (spoilers!) of the old evil Asian trope. Thankfully, we have the Awesome Asian Bad Guys to help take this trope down, once and for all.

That’s all for this week. Check back on Monday for everything we missed!

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