Recipe Roundup: Going Bananas

This roundup loves bananas. Really loves them. So this roundup thought it was time to share the banana love. Get ready, it’s time to dive in!

From The Guardian comes Jack Monroe’s recipe. Looking for delicious? Looking for heavenly? Looking for your banana dreams to come true? Then look no further than this recipe for sticky banana loaf with salted caramel. Like all her recipes, this one has been made with cost in mind but doesn’t compromise on taste.

As always, Super Healthy Kids knows just how to entertain kids as well as get some good nourishment in them. This recipe for Frozen Chocolate Bananas is great way to get children involved with food and is definitely summer-friendly.

Wanting to stick to tradition? Then from Food Network is a classic Banana Bread recipe. This one is great for when guests are coming or when out visiting. Heck, it’s great when uncomplicated baking is what your soul is aching for.

Banoffee pie
Mmm, pie!

From Persephone Magazine’s very own archives is a recipe for Banoffee Pie. This pie just wants to be loved. Don’t let its basic steps be confused for basic taste. This pie has so much to offer.

Last, but far from least, is this roundup’s offering to Dionysus. From Live Laugh Rowe is the exceptional Bailey’s Banana Colada. This drink doesn’t skimp on the alcohol but neither does it neglect its bananas. So here’s to next time, Persephoneers!

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