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More serious stuff this week than last, but the posts were just too good to pass up. Click on through to read about misgendering raptors, ~*~sarcasm~*~ online, and lots of other cool stuff!

Serious Business

A few things about American culture in the wake of the Charleston shooting.

  • How anti-intellectualism is hurting America.
  • People need to stop using benevolent sexism — especially when it comes to “protecting” white women — as an excuse to attack black men.
  • And let’s talk (again) about White Privilege.
  • Amazon decided to stop selling Confederate flags; they were outselling American flags on the site because people are terrible.
  • And yes, there’s just as much racism in the rest of the country even if people don’t necessarily have Southern accents or fly the Confederate flag. (Though I’ve seen that fucking flag in upstate NY, so.)

Obama’s recent “heckler” actually has some really fucking important things to say about how we treat undocumented LGBTQ immigrants.

A friendly reminder that yes, Bristol Palin is a bit of a hypocrite for getting paid to spread abstinence-only bullshit while being living proof (twice!) that it doesn’t work, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to slut-shame her or call her names.

John fuckin’ Oliver, y’all. Though not everyone was feeling the love, because of course the proper response to a bit on online harassment is to harass him online.

Facebook keeps banning Clementine Ford for calling out douchebags who send her misogynistic threats.

While we usually think of soldiers and athletes when it comes to traumatic brain injuries, the largest group affected by TBI may be women who were victims of domestic violence.

If you’re shopping at Whole Foods, skip the items that are priced per pound unless you like getting massively overcharged.

Pop Culture

Zoe Saldana is not impressed with how Hollywood treats actresses who are pregnant or have kids.

Taye Diggs as Hedwig from his upcoming run on Broadway. Daaaamn.

More evidence/wishful thinking that (spoiler) might not have really died in the season finale of Game of Thrones.

Pajiba ranked the worst dads in Westeros.

Pride Month reading suggestions from the National Book Foundation.

Gifs that show exactly how much celebrities get Photoshopped even when they’re already basically perfect.

Oh, FFS, Hasbro, boys will still play with velociraptors if you use their proper female pronouns, because they’re badass dinos that will eat your fucking face off even if they are girls!

Fun Stuff

Ijeoma Olua is funding a Badass Feminist Coloring Book on Kickstarter.

The linguistics of sarcasm online.

Crafts like knitting and crochet aren’t just increasingly popular with young people, they’re good for you too!

Reductress is killing it as usual, with big boob problems and tips for a manlier resume.


Very important facts for people who are afraid of ~*~chemicals~*~ for no good reason.

NO, teenagers didn’t invent condoms that change color if they come into contact with an STD. They came up with the concept. Fucking headline writers.


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