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We’re reading some good stuff this week, including analysis of how some white people are more forgiving of admitted pedophiles than of unarmed black kids who are killed by police, books by writers of color to add to your summer reading list, and the missing men of Game of Thrones. What would you add to this list?


Mike Huckabee’s support of the Duggars is a prime example of how white people are fucked up.

…in January, Huckabee criticized Barack and Michelle Obama for letting their teenage daughters listen to pop juggernaut Beyoncé, calling her music mental poison. If you are keeping score, listening to Beyoncé: bad parenting. Sexual abuse: forgivable.

A $75,000 reminder that companies can’t discriminate against pregnant employees or job applicants.

Social Issues

“Conservative feminism” is bullshit.

Melissa McCarthy continues to be a BAMF, designing a new clothing line with items available in size 4-28 (and complaining about the tendency of stores to hide the plus-size sections away from other women’s clothing).

On the history and racial politics of black dolls.

An atheist dad talks about the logical gap of people who tell him they’re praying for his son, who was born 12 weeks early.

Three cheers for Adam Harris for telling off the MRA bros of Reddit who mocked a photo of him tearing up at his wedding when he saw his bride coming up the aisle.

How the choose-your-own-adventure-style play World Factory keeps bringing out the worst capitalist instincts of its audience, which inevitably decides to screw workers and maximize profits.

Pop Culture

CBS’s new reality show The Briefcase is massively fucked up.

A summer reading list of ten books by PoC, along with a rant about why so many lists are either all-white or “alternative.” Or here are 12 new books by African-American women! (There’s some overlap, but that just means those books are probably especially awesome.)

Denver ComicCon had a panel called “Women in Comics – Creators and Characters,” which seems like a good idea until you realize that all the panelists were men. Headdesk.

Pajiba takes a humorous look at how all the Strong Male Characters on Game of Thrones are kinda… gone. (And they’re not mad at that.)


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That black doll article was fascinating and certainly thought provoking. The boys (well, Little Juniper more so than Juniper Junior) have a couple of black dolls; Doc McStuffins and a Waldorf-ish one, and it’s so interesting to glimpse through this article the greater history behind black dolls as a whole.

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