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Over the past week, there’s been quite a bit of coverage of Caitlyn Jenner, so we’ve found a few posts you can use to refute the ignorant haters. We’ve also got lots of good reads about feminism and other social justice topics, pop culture, a bit of science (with an unfortunate side of sexism), and some fun stuff to cheer you back up if you make it to the end. (You can do it!)

Caitlyn Jenner

Everyone in the world seems to have had an opinion on Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover on which she revealed her new name. A ton of attention was paid to her looks; and as Jon Stewart pointed out, welcome to being treated like a woman! Laverne Cox reminded us that it’s especially fucked up to judge trans people by their looks. Not all trans people can “pass” as their true gender, and some don’t want to “embody certain cisnormative beauty standards,” but that doesn’t invalidate their identity. On the flip side, we shouldn’t criticize her for being femme, as if wanting to look feminine is inherently bad and an automatic embracing of the patriarchy.

Others, of course, just chose to be straight-up assholes. One guy made a Facebook post that went viral in which he said Jenner wasn’t brave, because look at this soldier! Except the image he randomly grabbed from Google wasn’t a real picture from WWII, it was actually “part of a documentary created by a man who was beaten nearly to death outside of a bar in 2000 […] because he was a cross-dresser.” Oops. Also, ESPN has confirmed that they don’t name a runner-up in the three major ESPYS, so the viral post shaming them for giving Jenner the Arthur Ashe Courage Award over Noah Galloway is just made up. At least there’s this:

John Pavlovitz talked about why it’s so very wrong that many Christians condemn Jenner for being herself while forgiving admitted child molester Josh Duggar, and how hypocrisy like that is driving more rational people to leave the church. And it’s absolutely disgusting that Mike Huckabee joked back in February about wishing he’d claimed to be trans in high school so he could shower with the girls, but at least The Nightly Show made a campaign ad with that footage.


Also, STFU TERFs. As usual.

Feminism & Social Justice & Politics & Stuff

It’s a bit bizarre that Miss Piggy won a feminism award when there are plenty of real live human women who could have been chosen, but hats off to her speechwriter.

Another reason some refuse to consider moi a feminist is that I do not fit the popular image of a feminist. […] And it is true, I did not burn my bra. Was this a political statement? No, it was simple common-sense economics. When one pays top dollar for intimate apparel like moi does, setting it ablaze is wasteful, improvident and highly incendiary.

A reminder that while Amy Schumer sometimes makes good points about sexism and is getting lauded as a Totally Awesome Feminist!, she pretty regularly does skits and tells jokes that are racist and otherwise gross.

So, the #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge started off as a stunt to get women to post pictures of their boobs for men to ogle, then some morons decided it meant ~*~breast cancer awareness~*~. Actual women with breast cancer were not impressed. (NSFW pics at the link.)

A reasoned response to the liberal college professor who’s scared of liberal students, and why they really aren’t the enemy.

Hell yeah, Bernie Sanders! (Mildly disappointed that the author felt compelled to take down the original version of this story, which was delightfully laden with profanities.)

While this article is geared specifically toward non-profits, it’s relevant to all of us because it addresses a trend that came from for-profit businesses — employers should tell applicants up front what salary they expect to pay new hires and stop asking for salary histories, because otherwise it’s far too easy for people to get screwed over, especially women and PoC. Preach!

Pop Culture

Phew. Joyce Carol Oates clarified that she was joking when she tweeted to complain about the lack of conservation laws in response to an old picture of Steven Spielberg with a “dead” triceratops from the original Jurassic Park movie. Twitter had some pretty funny responses when it appeared that she was serious, though.

Related, Buzzfeed explains why Jurassic World is gonna suck.

And why not? Jurassic Park as told on Facebook.

How Game of Thrones deploys profanity better than every other show on TV right now.

No movie yet, but Black Widow’s getting a YA novel.

Chris Hemsworth is going to play the lady Ghostbusters’ receptionist.

Five Horrible Movie Characters Whom Everyone Still Wants to Bone.

How ClickHole became the best site on the internet.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit!

Laughing through the tears.


Unicorns are real! Ish.

A cautionary tale about what would happen if 97% of scientists told us an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth, but politicians mocked them and cut their funding and the media stubbornly insisted on presenting both sides of the debate. (I see what you did there.)

Despite being smart enough to win a Nobel Prize, Sir Tim Hunt was dumb enough to tell a group of female scientists that he prefers labs to be segregated by gender because “… three things happen when [girls] are in the lab… You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them, they cry.” BTW, he’s sorry he offended people, but what he said is like totally true! I mean, look at these #distractinglysexy lady scientists!

And the sexism doesn’t stop there; after a post-doc wrote to Science‘s advice column for recommendations about what to do about an advisor who kept looking down her shirt, she was told to just suck it up so long as he didn’t take it any further, since she needed to stay in his good graces so he’d pay attention to her work. The site retracted and replaced that response, but yeesh.

Just for Fun

Male Feminist Tells Women to Continue Not Smiling.

Translating your smug friend’s Facebook posts.

Finally, some advice we can all use:

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