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Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 20

Well, Rin didn’t need Saber finally. Lancer was faking being dead, he didn’t hit himself so he would die right away. That gave him the time to stab Kirei to death and save Rin. He also punctured Shinji. I wish he killed him, what a creep.

Lancer threatening Shinji
Why Lancer? Why didn’t you kill the creep?

The Archer versus Shirou fight continues. Lots of chit-chat saying, “you suck,” and “I’m better,” from both sides. Although, the Excalibur’s scabbard scene was awesome. Shirou was full of holes and he got all healed up. He is also copying Archer’s skills, so it’s basically powering up while fighting.

Their fight isn’t done yet, probably more, “You are correct, but you are not right.”

Knights of Sidonia, Season 2, Ep 07

The new weapon test ended up a fiasco. It grew by leeching Higgs particles from Sidonia and finished by blowing itself up to nothingness.

But most of the episode wasn’t about that. It was about Tanikaze’s expanding harem. Ren was able to convince her sister to bring him food while he was waiting on standby. Unfortunately for her, Samari got there first and invited Tanikaze for launch after work. She asked him to photosynthesize with her, but he was already sleeping on his plate because he can’t tolerate alcohol. Samari is having a hard time as captain of the Gardes though, but I doubt Tanikaze is a good choice for her. The other harem member that made a big step is Izana. She finally picked a gender and is now a girl. She had some suit malfunction because of it too. Seems like she can hack things with her prosthetic now.

Outside of that not much happened, the Captain asked for the reconstruction of the weapon and Izana’s grandmother asked the help of the Gardes building company to help her.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Ep 08

I don’t remember the Major doing so many errors before. I guess it’s because she is younger. The whole story makes sense now, we went full circle with the first two episodes and I don’t really get why they went out-of-order with it.

Scylla was a creation of the Major and her superior, when Japan was helping the revolution in Quardis incognito. She switched cyborg bodies many times over, to the point she was having an identity crisis. Seems like her boyfriend Akira was actually a fan of Scylla, too. He wasn’t that much of a bad guy, outside of creating prosthetic meant to blow people up.

The next episode is new though, it’s not based on the OVA. Let’s see if it is better or worse.

Kekkai Sensen, Ep 08

We got a bit of background information this episode. Black and White, William and Mary, their parents were casters that helped stabilize the Great Collapse of three years ago. Seems like nobody really knows what caused it. It also appears that Black and White came to be because of the Collapse and both are very well aware of Blank existence. Seems like Blank took over William/Mary when the collapse happened. Going by his comment from the last episode, he was probably responsible for it.

We also get to meet Zapp’s master. He’s kind of awesome, even if he doesn’t speak anything understandable. He was fighting a Blood Breed with a stick and whatever is left of his body. This is actually a two-parter focusing on Zapp, but I’m much more interested in Black and White.

Arslan Senki, Ep 08

This is anime, it means that five people versus a thousand is a sure win…for those five people. Farangis and Gieves have joined the service of Prince Arslan. Even in the end, Arslan was able to gain Kharlan on his side, well, he was rather surprised by how a kid, Narsus, and a woman would join up with him.

We also learned a few things. For instance, Dayrun really believes he can take on fifty thousand soldiers all by himself. Farangis is the best warrior among the priestess of Mithra, the goddess of war. Gieves is really only doing it because Farangis has a pretty face. Kharlan betrayed everyone to put the rightful king on the throne and that is not Arslan, it is his cousin Hermes. Also, Arslan’s father is still alive.

Owari no Seraph, Ep 08

The little girl lied to save her family. The kids went into the metro station expecting seven vampires. They meet nine. Two died rather fast to Yuu’s blade. The last eight more or less ambushed the kids, but they made it through. Mitsu also learned Yuu’s past and kept her full-on tsundere personality with him.

Looks like Kimizuki and Shinoa can drive, the only problem is that Shinoa is too small. Like way too small. So Kimizuki drove them to Shinjuku instead. Yuu really wanted to drive though, he car-jacked their ride for a little while…but ended up in a lamppost.

Once the gang made it to Shinjuku, it was already under attack and was almost wiped by a vampire noble. There is still a large gap in power. Yuu is not happy.

Vampire Nobles
Vampire nobles, if this was a RPG, they would be Elves.

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