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July is in two weeks, and that means some shows are already ending. Ghost in the Shell: Arise had its last episode this week. Kekkai Sensen had a recap episode. The rest, aside from Arslan Senki, have one more episode to go.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 23

Well, well, Assassin didn’t leave when Caster died. He is still guarding the gate to the Temple and ended up having his rematch against Saber. She won, of course, he was just there to look pitiable.

The rest of the episode is Gilgamesh using almost no force to kick Shirou’s ass, while Rin is trying to save Shinji, just because he is Sakura’s brother. Next episode should be the last fight and this end of this. The best part of this episode was Ea, Gilgamesh’s most powerful weapon.

Knights of Sidonia, Season 2 Ep 10

Izana might have inherited her grandma’s intelligence. She saved her ass and the one of her leader by using the new toy they had as an entry shield. Then she realized that Gaunas reacted to Kabi and Higgs particles and ditched those. No Gaunas coming after them. That also means they are stuck flying through the wind because they have no fuel. Free fall style.

After realizing that they were going to lose control of Tsumugi because Izana was “lost,” both the chimera and Nagate were sent to retrieve what ever is left of the recon. Nagate even got to fly a new Gardes. Good thing too, if he hadn’t, he would have imploded after crashing on a huge rock at high-speed.

Nagate's crater
How did he survive that?

Also, the return of Benisuzume. I get the feeling we will never see the assault on the huge Gauna cluster.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise, Ep 10

Lots of action and the last episode.

Pyromaniac escapes and tries to destroy the major and have her cyberbrain upgrade the virus which I guess is similar, but the major double plays him with an old trick and erases him. Seems like he was a false personality created by the virus itself.

This was the last episode, but the ending didn’t feel like it at all. The major former superior now has a refined virus in her possession and nobody knows. Apparently, the soon-to-be-released movie will continue the story.

Kekkai Sensen, Ep 11

Recap episode

Arslan Senki, Ep 11

Arslan and Dayrun are too nice.

There was a bit of back story about Hermes and what happened 16 years ago. He also seems to be recruiting Parsians to his side. Probably a good thing with the “templars” showing up in the capital city and the religious fanatic Bodin acting more and more crazy.

On the side of Arslan and the gang, they have been avoiding ambushes setup by Silvermasks in their way to the Pashawar fortress. They have a new enemy in Kharlan’s son as well. He is a brute with a very large sword. I doubt he’s going to last that long. He feels a bit like an enemy of the week.

Owari no Seraph, Ep 11

Well, Mika meeting Yu again was full of emotion. Then Mika started to spout to leave the human behind because they are just using Yu and everything went down the drain.

Mika kidnapped Yu, everyone else ended up Vampire food and Yu transformed into a crazy monster with super powers who didn’t care about friends or foes. Guren was super happy about it, and then not so much, because he was out of control. Shinoa was kind of in shock but she was still able to bring him back. Then the Hiragi family showed up and told everyone to retreat while they dealt with the nobles.

Shiona hugging crazy Yu
Healing hugs, the best hugs

Yu’s monster talked about killing all sinners. Very charming.

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