Weekly Anime Review

Season is almost over, most shows only have one more episode to go. This means most of this week’s episodes were action-packed and next week will be wrap up episodes. That is, if they have the time to wrap up their plots.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 24

Shirou creates his Reality Marble and kicked Gilgamesh’s ass. Like he said, Gil is a King, not a warrior, he didn’t master any of his weapons, so he is no better than Shirou is with his created weapons. Gil is also very arrogant and didn’t bother changing tactics when it proved to be a failure against Shirou.

Rin exhausted her command seals to have Saber destroy the “Grail,” worked better than ten years ago. Both she¬†and Shirou had to be saved by Archer though. Yep, Gilgamesh failed to kill him and he still had enough mana to do sneak attack. He also asked Rin to take care of Shirou so he doesn’t turn into a jerk like him.

Shirou cutting Gilgamesh's arm
I’m not sure if Shirou’s post is physically possible

One episode left, the epilogue.

Knights of Sidonia, Season 2 Ep 11

Tsimugi is such an idiot, she basically defeated Benisuzume, but she had to be all, “I’m so sorry,” and got fried instead. Interesting that there was another Hoshijiro core in it on top of the normal one.

Seems like Gauna are infesting that gas planet though. Izana and the team leader stumbled on a bunch of them while exploring a “rock.” They were saved by Tanikaze, but then he had to fight lots of them and used all his ammo. Good thing he has 100% hitting rate. He still had to finish a few with a Gaunabaneblade, super awesome name.

The ending was rather creepy, though. Benisuzume infested Tanikaze’s mecha and generated a Hoshijiro into it (and looks like she want to kiss him, Izana is not gonna be happy about it and she’s right behind Tanikaze).

Kekkai Sensen, Ep 11

Most of this episode was narrated by White (Mary) and gave background information about her family. Their surname was MacBeth and both her parents come from a long line of “casters.” Mary was born without powers, but her brother had enough for two and was a whimp.

All that information is to give some strength to her betraying Leo and applying the “eye stealing” items. Seems like it doesn’t remove the eyes, it just acts as something Blank taps into to use their powers himself. He used it to see the barrier holding everything together. Looks like Mary has a barrier instead of a heart.

Blank shot her and triggered the Second Collapse. One episode left, I’m not sure exactly how this will end now.

Arslan Senki, Ep 12

Narsus stumbled on some tribals who got slaughtered by Silvermask, except for the Chief’s daughter. He ran off with her and she decided to join up with him. One more to the gang, it seems, that is if they can get back all together.

Grieve, Elam and Arslan seems like they will reach Peshawar first. They avoided all their pursuers it seems. Well, until Arslan decided to go search for Daryun and saved his life. That caused Daryun to go “god mode,” he can really take 50k men by himself.

Daryun's god mode
Daryun’s god mode

Owari no Seraph, Ep 12

I just realized that everyone except Yoichi is a tsundere in Hiigari Shinoa’s unit. With Kimizuki being the biggest one, followed by Mitsu.

This whole episode was basically “OMG, we have one episode left, lets end the fight and move to friendship stuff.” I guess there will be a second course at some point, because the last few seconds were basically a setup for it.

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