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Lunchtime Poll: Reminders of How Great You Are

My mother’s value system is different than mine, but she gave me one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever had about life achievements: when you complete something important, buy yourself a piece of jewelry to commemorate it.

Even if you have other proof of it (e.g., a degree, or a promotion), it is really helpful to have something that reminds you that you did it, because at some point, someone else will admire it and you can say, “Oh, thank you. I got this for myself when I got my master’s/quit smoking/ran my first marathon/published my first poem.” She was completely right about that. Life has a way of making you focus on what you haven’t done, and being reminded of your triumphs periodically is great positive reinforcement. It’s your way of combating impostor syndrome.

It doesn’t have to be jewelry, either — you could get a tattoo, a piece of art, plant a tree, get something pierced, go on a trip — anything you want, as long as it’s something permanent you really like that is likely to be commented on by others.

Have you ever commemorated an achievement this way?


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