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Welcome to another week of news. This week, we have a discussion about dogs and faith.

Afghanistan’s army is dealing with high casualties as the stalemate with the Taliban remains steady.

On the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, there is still no love lost between China and Japan.

Peace talks between the Myanmar government and leaders of several rebel groups ended without a cease-fire agreement.

A Thai general is among 72 people who are charged with human trafficking.

A shipping company out of Singapore has been blacklisted by the US government over links to North Korea.

Pakistan’s prime minister visited relief camps for flooding victims.

India’s leader Narendra Modi is backing the opposition party’s call for reparations from the British government over the damage done during colonial rule.

The trial of two humans rights activists in China is being closely watched.

In related U.S. news, President Obama is once again pushing for the closing of Guantanamo Bay.

A town in the Himalayan region of Pakistan is now touted as a model of what a moderate Islam would do for the country.

Finally, this story from┬áMohammed Hanif discusses the relationship between the Islamic faith and a person’s best friend (unless your best friend is a cat).


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