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Only Thin People Can Slay?

I love checking out other people’s style. I’m constantly eyeing cool trends I see on the street, and I’d rather see what “regular” folks are wearing than worry about what’s happening on the runway. Yes, I know, what I see on the street has trickled down from the runway, but that’s where I’d rather find my inspiration.

Which means I’d like to see people who look like me represented when outlets cover street style. I just came across a post on Refinery 29 about people whose outfits “slayed” at Governor’s Ball, and they didn’t feature a single person who appeared larger than a size 8. Sure, they all looked cute, I’m not denying that, but there wasn’t a ton of diversity of bodies.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought street style was supposed to represent what you see on the street. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that there were, in fact, people at this music festival whose wear sizes in the double digits. Probably some double digits that start with 2 instead of 1. And I bet many of them were just as fly as the women featured in the R29 piece.

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I very much enjoyed the Manfattan Project when it was regularly doing plus size street style. Unfortunately that part of the site hasn’t been updated since August. What I’d really like to see is some basic inclusion in “regular” street style blogs and features. Because fat people ARE regular. We’re out there. If you believe the moral/health panic, we’re out there in greater numbers than our thinner counterparts, so why not feature us in representative numbers? Because we’re super cute, and the world should get to see us.

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