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Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrated Ramadan!

A gunman killed five people at a Chattanooga, Tennessee military recruitment site.  The incident is being investigated as an act of terrorism, unlike the incidents in Charleston.

Rep. John Lewis recreated the Selma march with children at Comic Con and became the breakout hit of the whole con.

Sandra Bland, a 28-year old black Texas woman, died in police custody following her arrest over a “traffic violation.” #IfIDieinPoliceCustody trended after news spread.

Eric Garner’s family was awarded 5.9 million dollars, but accountability is still missing from the story.

WNYC collected some responses via their Talkbox:

Youth activists are taking the NAACP to task for not stepping up to the plate regarding pressing contemporary issues.

If you needed a white man to legitimize the #blacklivesmatter movement in your eyes, Orange is the New Black’s Matt McGorry is here for you.

In anticipation of their White People documentary, MTV has released a series of “White Squad” ads to highlight implicit biases and privileges.

Obama became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. He’s also been enacting some reform by commuting sentences.

Immigration officials are releasing detained mothers and children, but Texas is also denying them citizenship.

American Airlines employees allege racial discrimination.

Disappointed at the reveal that Atticus Finch is kind of racist? NPR has an article for you.

The New York Times investigates how Bill Cosby spent decades using his power to pursue and victimize young women.

Soccer legend Pelé is back in the hospital following recent surgery.

The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance has a PSA campaign debunking myths about queer immigrants and Asians and their families.

In music news, FKA Twigs and M.I.A. are both previewing their next projects.

Amandla Stenberg continues to be the coolest, smartest, teenager ever, schooling Kylie Jenner and the world about cultural appropriation. This, of course inspired Bravo’s Andy Cohen to call her “Jackhole” of the day, which he, and guest Laverne Cox (I know), later apologized for.

Feministing takes a look at how blackness is commodified and policed, using Stenberg and Jenner.

Emma Stone is aware of how wrong her controversial casting was in Aloha but I won’t commend her until she stops taking these roles.

Speaking of casting controversies, Adam Sandler responds to the criticism around his Ridiculous Six project.

Mexican singer Patricia Natividad’s pad fell out while she performed on TV and she handled critics like a pro.

A trailer for David Simon’s new HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero, about the efforts in Yonkers to integrate low-income housing in middle/upper class neighborhoods, was released last week.

The first images of the Barack and Michelle Obama love story romcom Southside With You have been released online.

Jada Pinkett Smith is working with CNN on a special report about sex trafficking.

Emmy Award Nominations are out and some of your acting favorites are nominated.  Here are 10 actors of colors who were not recognized.

AMC is finally featuring Asian leads and stories (both fantasy-based and historical) with Into the Badlands, which looks more like a Syfy show.

Five seasons into the show, Hell on Wheels is finally telling the story of the Chinese immigrants who built the railroads the show is based around.

The most expensive Indian film ever made, Baahubali, a Telugu film, is also the highest Indian film opening in U.S. history, which highlights the breadth of the Bollywood film industry.

Key and Peele continue to be great and gave the world a “Menstruation Orientation.”


We end on this video of Riley Curry, internet sensation and the cutest toddler ever.

Have a great week!

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