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Podcasts I Say I Will Listen to… but I Probably Won’t

I’m trying to get better about how I consume media. There are enough movies and TV options being churned out that those alone can take entire lifetimes to fill. Since I have a commute that is over an hour long, I try to look for new music and/or podcasts to fill this time but then instead, I listen to music I downloaded in college because that’s what you do.

Here are all the podcasts that the internet tells me I should listen to, but I will probably actually never get around to it.

Radiolab/All Things Considered/Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! (aka the NPR A-Team)

I am a liberal, New York City-based young adult (that extends into your late-twenties/early-thirties, correct?). I have friends that listen to those shows but I just can’t do it.

This American Life

Sorry, I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand what this show is supposed to be about. I honestly Wikipedia’d this. I know it has something to do with Ira Glass, who is a person all young liberal types are supposedly familiar with, but I don’t know really anything beyond name-checking the show, which I guess is a larger question about knowledge and knowledge practices. #deepthoughts


I was obsessed with Serial. I really was. However, as Internet trends go, I moved on to a new fad (What is it now? Have we just circled back to kittens again?) and left the Rabia Chaudry show behind. I have Rectify to catch up on and that’s enough of a similar concept for me. (Update: I’m caught up on Rectify but I’m about done with these type of prison rehab dramas, because I have only so much emotion to dedicate to media.)

Welcome to Night Vale

I tried with this one. I listened to almost 50 episodes before I realized I didn’t care at all. Yes, I understand that’s a lot of listening investment to decide that you don’t care. I like weird narratives. I will watch the entire Twilight Zone New Year’s Eve/4th of July marathon, but Night Vale felt too detached, too incoherent. The inclusivity and diversity was great but for me, not worth the hours of meandering plot and waiting for something, anything, to happen.

You Must Remember This

Karina Longworth, film critic and historian, has a podcast. She uses it to contextualize Hollywood history in actual history. She answers questions about why John Wayne never enlisted or about why Lena Horne eventually faded out of the Hollywood limelight. I actually love this stuff, I just keep forgetting to download this podcast which is ironic, considering the title. One day I’ll get around to it. Maybe? Maybe.

The Nerdist

He was the guy on Singled Out, a show I was way too young to be watching but I did (sorry Mom). The show is all things nerdy pop culture, but I rather define my own fandom norms, or rather a lot of those “nerd” icons feel like gatekeeper rights of passage into the (now mainstream) world of fandom and I hate that so much. Also I don’t love Chris Hardwick as much as the Internet does. Also, is cool nerd now a thing?

Star Talk

The Internet loves Neil Degrasse Tyson. I love the Internet. I like science enough to feign interest while being overwhelmed by how little I actually know. I just don’t know if I need that feeling to wash over me during my morning commute. I don’t know if I could start my day with, “Hey you’re not as smart as you think you are.”

Maybe one day I’ll get around to listening to more podcasts. I do listen to a grand total of two right now, which feels like enough. In case you wanted to know which two, they’re The Black List Table Reads and How Did This Get Made?, which I can’t recommend enough for movie fans.

By Karishma

Karishma is a twenty-something living in New York City and is trying her hardest to live out every cliche about Millennials. This involves eating her feelings, drowning in debt and mocking infomercials. She likes sociology so much that she has two degrees in it, and is still warding off her parents' questions about a real career.

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